Mini Guide Dragon Quest Builders 2: Explorer Shores

Dragon Quest Builders 2 is a huge game, and over here at we love it: we gave it the two thumbs up. So, we felt the game merited a series of mini-guides, and here’s your second one. All about Explorer Shores Islands.

The storyline for DQB2 is long in itself and on top of that, you have extra content to explore. Because after each story island is completed a few other islands open up which you can unlock with gratitude points. The gratitude points in the form of hearts your NPC’s reward you with. These islands are Explorers Shores.

Let’s get to exploring

Once arriving on one of the Explorer Shore of your choice your character is given two checklists of resources to find. Once each item on the list is found you receive an infinite supply of a particular item for crafting. (Mind you, not of all items as I thought at first.) Think of it as a scavenger hunt, from which you can bring back materials and monsters.

Sunny Sands DQB2 LadiesGamers

An important tip: if you have the Echo Flute (which you get later in the game) you can use it to help you locate items! So further into the game you may want to return to an Explorer Shore island to find a NPC, Animal or Monster to recruit. After all resources aren’t the only thing to find on the islands. 

List of the Explorer Shores Islands

Soggy Skerry

Unlocks after: Furrowfield Island story is complete.
Possible infinite supply: unlimited Wood and Dry grass.
NPC Role to recruit : Villager
Animal: Chicken.
Builderdom Best: Forest

Blossom Bay

Unlocks after: Furrowfield island story is complete
Possible infinite supply: unlimited Cord and Grass fibre
NPC Role to recruit: Farmer
Animal: Chicken
BuilderDom best: Meadow 

Iridescent Island

Unlocks after: Khrumbul-Dun Island story is complete
Possible infinite supply: unlimited Copper and Silver.
NPC Role to recruit: Merchant and Miner
Animal. Cow
Builderdom Best: Volcanic.

Sunny Sands

Unlocks after: Khrumbul-Dun Island story is complete
Possible infinite supply: unlimited Coal and Iron.
NPC Role to recruit: Bartender and Dancer.
Animal: Cat
Builderdom Best: Desert

Sunny Sands DQB2 LadiesGamers

Laguna Perfuma

Unlocks after: Moonbrooke island story is complete
Possible infinite supply: unlimited Marble and Earth
NPC Role to recruit: Elder,Child and Nun.
Animal: Sheep
Builderdom Best: Lakeland.

Rimey Reef

Unlocks after: Moonbrooke islands story is complete.
Possible infinite supply: unlimited Stone and Magic Crystal
NPC Role to recruit : Soldier
Animal: None
Builderdom Best: Tundra.

Coral Cay

Available after: Main story is finished.
Possible infinite supply: unlimited Sand and Gold.
NPC: None
Animal: None
Builderdom Best: None

Unholy Holm

Available after: main story is finished.
Possible infinite supply: unlimited Strange Sand and Malrothium.
NPC Role to recruit: Bard.
Animal: None
Builderdom Best: Monstrous

Unholy Holm DQB2 LadiesGamers

Defiled Island 

Available after: main story is finished.
Possible infinite supply: unlimited Bones and Oil.
NPC Role to recruit: Singer.
Animal: None
Builderdom Best: Monstrous.

Bamboo Bluffs (Hotto DLC Island)

Unlocks: None
Possible infinite supply: unlimited None, but it’s the only place that has Bamboo to make items from the Hotto DLC.
NPC role: None
Animal: None
Builderdom Best: None

Gurgling Lagoon (Aquarium DLC and Quest Island.)

Unlocks: None
Possible infinite supply: unlimited None, but it’s the only place that has Basalt Blob to make the Marine Monument.
NPC role: None
Animal: None
Builderdom Best: None

Get the Monster Munchies

As you progress through Dragon Quest Builders 2 you receive a recipe to make Monster Munchies. Great to tame yourself some monsters and bring them with you. After you fight and defeat a certain monster a pink two person bubble appears above their head and these are the monsters that you can tame and recruit to your island if you wish. Not all monsters are tameable though.

The Monsters are scattered throughout the DQB2 map and sometimes can be hard to find, depending on how they spawn. Along with recruiting monsters you can also recruit a few Super Strong Monsters which are found on the Explorer Shore Islands. The builderpedia does show you what monsters are tameable but not which Explorer Shore island they are on. For that, the list below comes in handy. 

Slime: Furrowfield/ Blossom Bay

She-Slime: Furrowfield/ Khrumbul-Dun/ Sunny Sands.

If you use a slime as a mount you can jump higher, they charge the enemy and they also produce oil at a bonfire.

Chimera DQB2 LadiesGamers

Chimera: Khrumbul-Dun

Hocus Chimera: Blossom Bay

Cosmic Chimera: Moonbrooke/ Iridescent Island

Add a Chimera to your party and use it to fly higher, it also cooks if food is left in a chest.

Walking Corpse: Furrowfield/ Soggy Skerry

Corpse Corporal: Moonbrooke/ Laguna Perfuma 

Ghoul: Rimey Reef
Supply a chest and a cask and they will make drinks.

HealSlime: Soggy Skerry
Imitates Cottontails and cast heal when in your party.

Muddy Hands: Furrowfield/ Soggy Skerry 

Bloody Hands: Unholy Holm
Plays Rock,paper,scissors once a day.

Hammerhood: Khrumbul-Dun/Sunny Sands

Brownie: Khrumbul-Dun/ Iridescent island
Digs tunnels marked with a “Smash Here” Sign.

Super Strong Living Statue: Rimey Reef.

Stone Guardian: Unholy Holm
Makes dye at the Stain Extractor. 

Powie Yowie: Moonbrooke/ Rimey Reef
Use the ice lolly to turn the biome in to snow.

Killing Machine: Laguna Perfuma 

Super Strong Monster Hunter Mech: Rimey Reef
Works efficiently as a farmer in a 3×3 grid.

Super Strong Liquid Metal Slime: Laguna Perfuma
Plays tag once a day for 100 gratitude.

Golem DQB2 LadiesGamers

Super Strong Golem: Sunny Sands

Super Strong Stone Golem: Iridescent Island.

Super Strong Gold Golem: Coral Cay

Draws enemy attacks when in your party, ride on their shoulders and breaks large sections of land at once. Place a Terraforma tile down and a Golem will turn the area in to a Desert biome. Help build blueprints. 

Great Sabercub: Blossom Bay

Super Strong Great Sabercat: Soggy Skerry

As a mount they have can double jump, 3 hit combo and move fast.

cub DQB2 LadiesGamers

As you can see the tameable monsters are worth having on your Isle of Awakening. You can add a Chimera to your party and use it to fly over the land as you will be able to fly further than using the cape. Bring along a Golem to help during combat or ride on its shoulder while you direct it to knock down blocks for a building project.

When not in your party the monsters will make themselves useful on the Isle of Awakening, if you leave chests with food items in it beside cooking equipment a Chimera will cook and you will have a never ending supply of food to restore your fullness gauge with and keep the NPC’s fed as well. 


  1. Yesterday, I accidentally found out that a Chimera cooks. That worked out really well and now I have a good supply of food. This list helped me to decide who I need to recruit next. I think I will start with a Ghoul and build a bar.

  2. Glad it was of help to you Mary. Chimeras are great cook if you leave a chest of food with them they will cook away.
    The ghoul will make drinks in a bar as well.
    It’s a fantastic game and thanks for reading,

  3. I know this is several years old, but I found something else that the Muddy Hand will do that I haven’t seen mentioned anywhere. The one I have was using the workbench, then placed something in the chest. I am now the proud owner of over 500 cypress sticks, 300 wooden windows and close to 2000 blocks of carpet. The little thing has been busy. LOL

  4. Your list is very helpful as it is, but I would suggest one more category of information to make it a one-stop spot for great info on Explorer’s Shores. Super Strong Monsters (and their drops upon being defeated.) For example, Soggy Skerry’s got a Great Sabertooth, which drops a statue of itself upon being defeated. Soggy Skerry also has the Orc King, and when you defeat him you get the recipe for a leather shield. (Plus usually some seeds; I got cabbage.)

    On Blossom Bay, the SSMs are another Orc King (gives the leather armor recipe) and a Ghost. (Drops the ghost statue.) I was looking for information on which unlimited materials I coudl unlock on which Shore, AND for which SSMs were on each one, but had to go to two different sites to get that info and it’d be great if I could get it all in one, but no site seems to combine ALL Explorer’s Shore info into one.

    Well, just a suggestion, of course. 🙂 Thanks for the info!

  5. apologies, I see your list has SSM info in a different category below the rest. Because it was not with all the other info on each Shore and I did not scroll down past the Shores I needed to know about, I did not see that it was there.

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