Mishap at Golden Gate Bridge…

San Francisco, Golden Gate Bridge,nasty fall,gaming device,Today my assignment in the Blogging University is to use a single picture, and draw inspiration from that. Browsing the free-to-use pictures in Unsplah ( nice database!) I found this beautiful picture of the Golden Gate Bridge and instantly knew what I wanted to write about.

When we visited San Fancisco two years ago I couldn’t wait to see it, mainly because it reminded me of The Voyage Home, the Star Trek IV movie. “Captain, there be whales here!” Glad to see it was still standing proud after the stolen Klingon Bird of Prey skirted it diving into the bay!

We started our journey in The Presidio, intending to walk from there to the base of the bridge and Fort Point and then along Crissy Field to Fishermans Wharf. I was packed and ready, because like I wrote a couple of days ago, I never leave the house without my trusted 3DS. This time I even had two with me, side my side in a self sewn cloth pocket, to pick up all the streetpasses I could. I wandered around in the Presidio, marveling at the beautiful buildings and the military uses they had all those years ago, and it was then that I encountered a little sandbag.

Not a hefty big one, a small elongated one to keep a road sign upright. It didn’t keep me upright though…I tripped and before I knew it I was sprawled on the pavement. San Francisico authorities must have registered a minor shock as I fell full force right on top of my bag. With some effort I got up again, and the first thing I did was ask my daughter to check my devices…so relieved that they were alright! I was bruised and scraped, and my arm and wrist hurt a lot, but I didn’t want to spoil the day, so I made a sling out of my husbands belt, and on we went!

Brave or very foolish, I don’t know, but before the day was over we had the pleasure of experiencing an American hospital as it turned out that my arm was broken. Got a real sling that time!

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