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Only a few more weeks before we say goodbye to 2017 and welcome 2018. I said it before and I will say it again: the older yet get, the faster time flies by. But if you have followed this site for some time, you’ll know December is the time for polls. Polls to determine what the readers of Ladiesgamers.com felt to be the best game this year.

Let’s kick if off with the mobile game of the year. While preparing this list, I realized I haven’t ventured far from the trodden path this year. Sure, I did download the big titles, but I didn’t try out many others.

The ones that stood out to me where Fire Emblem Heroes. The game came out in February, the battles were good but what was best to me, was collecting Heroes. Who knew that could be such fun? And it was fun for lots of other people: Fire Emblem Heroes has gone on to gross more than $240 million worldwide at an average of about $20 per download.

I played the first chapter of Star Billions, which is available for free on mobile to see if the space adventure was a good one. Fun game to play, with a real cliff hanger at the end. Never before have I played a game that doesn’t need your constant attention. I wrote about the game here.

For the first time I’ve bought a Layton game on mobile, not on the 3DS! Layton’s Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires’ Conspiracy was available for iOS and Android for the price of $15,99 or € 17,99. Felt it was a good price for the full game, and I didn’t mind playing it on mobile instead of the DS.

Another game I enjoyed very much on mobile is Egglia, the Legend of the Redcap. And as it looked good I decided to download it to my iPad, I didn’t regret the EUR 9,99 I put into it. As I wrote in my review (read it here) it did have some flaws, but it kept me occupied in short bursts.

I played AR Dragon, a title on mobile that gives you your own pocket dragon and Little Alchemy 2. I tried out Syberia, but that’s not an 2017 title. And then, the culmination of my mobile gaming, we got Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. Not a full-fledged Animal Crossing title, but it oozes the same sort of charm. Hanging out with your favorite animals, collecting furniture to make the most cosy camper and changing clothing daily is fun to do! I didn’t make a review for the game myself, but Brian from JapaneseNintendo did, you can find it here.

Anyway, those are my mobile exploits this year. Now for the big question: what is your best mobile game of 2017? I’ve added the games I played, plus some titles that Metacritic rated as high scoring. But if you are missing one that you want to choose, don’t hesitate to add it!

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  1. I’n not gonna vote because I don’t play mobile games, but I think ‘Animal Crossing Pocket Camp’ is going to win.
    Lot of Animal Crossing fans here I think..

  2. I voted for Oxenfree. Although I haven’t played it on mobile, the PS4 version made my top 5 games of last year. Monument Valley is the best mobile game I played in 2017 (even if it doesn’t qualify as it is an old release.)

      1. It’s a beautiful puzzler that doesn’t take too long to complete. The levels are pretty easy to clear, which I welcome because normally I get stuck on brainteasers and end up feeling stupid. It’s amazing how creative the developer is with designing stages that revolve around perspective.

        My full thoughts are jotted down on the review below. The trailer might give you an idea if the game would be your cup of tea.


  3. ummmm.. I’m not voting either cos even thou I am playing Animal Crossing Pocket Camp ( hardly log in other than to check if someone need my help for mining? ), and have played Fire Emblem Heroes. both are not my choice….. the rest I never played before, other than Cat Quest but on Switch. Can I vote that even thou I played it on switch? lol! it’s fun.

    1. I type Sab, it auto correct to “Sam” Well, this is Sab not Sam, lol!

    2. I never played Cat Quest myself! Must check it out then. I’ll choose Pocket Camp of course. At the moment I’m super busy with work, and the quick play bursts suit me just fine.

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