Mobile games: Handheld Game of the year 2015

We have come to the last part of choosing the Handheld Game of the year: mobile games, played on iOS or Android. I know not everyone feels these games are real games, but looking at the huge popularity of games like Clash of Clans and Candy Crush, I think they cannot be ignored. Plus, with the first Nintendo/DeNA games that will soon be released in 2016, I feel it’s time to include them in the polls.

As you know I keep track every month of games that I played, and my iPad games didn’t get much attention, these are the ones I played:


  • Sorcery! * (2013)
  • HayDay (2012)
  • Broken Age (2013)
  • Puzzle & Dragons, app version * (2013)
  • Paradise Bay (2015)

The ones with an * behind them where my games of the month, but none was from this year! Oh well, I guess my choice has to be clear then.

imageI’ve tried to compose s list of mobile games released in 2015, but I guess the list isn’t quite complete enough. If you are into mobile gaming, feel free to add games you loved that where released this year.



    1. Some of the gaming ladies in my Facebook group enjoyed it very much too. I played it a bit on the 3DS during my commute. It’s quite do-able without having to put in money, right?

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