Mobile games: Handheld Game of the year 2015

We have come to the last part of choosing the Handheld Game of the year: mobile games, played on iOS or Android. I know not everyone feels these games are real games, but looking at the huge popularity of games like Clash of Clans and Candy Crush, I think they cannot be ignored. Plus, with the first Nintendo/DeNA games that will soon be released in 2016, I feel it’s time to include them in the polls.

As you know I keep track every month of games that I played, and my iPad games didn’t get much attention, these are the ones I played:


  • Sorcery! * (2013)
  • HayDay (2012)
  • Broken Age (2013)
  • Puzzle & Dragons, app version * (2013)
  • Paradise Bay (2015)

The ones with an * behind them where my games of the month, but none was from this year! Oh well, I guess my choice has to be clear then.

imageI’ve tried to compose s list of mobile games released in 2015, but I guess the list isn’t quite complete enough. If you are into mobile gaming, feel free to add games you loved that where released this year.

[polldaddy poll=9237364]



    1. Some of the gaming ladies in my Facebook group enjoyed it very much too. I played it a bit on the 3DS during my commute. It’s quite do-able without having to put in money, right?

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