Moco Moco Friends has an American release date

A while back I downloaded the Japanese demo for the game Apprentice Witch and Moco Moco friends. Now there’s a release date for North America: November 17. Moco Moco Friends is a happy game, colorful, with beautiful graphics and adorable Plushkins to collect. Now the concept of collecting monsters isn’t exactly novel. We all know Pokémon and I’ve written a lot already about Yokai Watch, where you collect Yokai (a sort of ghosts straight out of Japanese folklore). Both wonderful game series.

moco moco friends, pluskins, ladiesgamersSo, why Moco Moco Friends, which is the American title for the game? I should think Moco Moco Friends will appeal to a different audience: the game is rated E, for everyone, while Yokai Watch is rated 10+. Moco Moco doesn’t have any ugly demons, no dark secrets, but an overall nice feeling. The Plushkins look very good, it will be a pleasure to collect them. And when you fight them, it’s so adorable the way the cotton stuffing bursts out of them when they are hurt. After they are caught a purifying spell makes them into friends. You can read more of my thoughts about the demo here.

moco-moco-friends-boxartSo I’d say that if you are looking for a good Christmas present for your younger child, this is a good game. Heck, even if you are older, like me, and you like cute and adorable stuff, this might be your cup of tea! 


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