Moco Moco friends Review

I had already downloaded the Japanese demo for Moco Moco Friends, a game with the same idea of monster collecting as Pokemon. This time though, the game is very much aimed at girls, with its bright colors and cheerful attitude, and an overload of cuteness in the Plushkins that you battle. I’ve been able to play the game in English now, giving a better look at what you can expect.

imageWe enter the world of DreamTopia, where plush animals roam free alongside the people. Moco has just graduated from the Plushkin Magic School together with her talking magic staff Neko. She presents herself at Konpei Tower where her master Michiru lives with her Pluskin friend Konpei, and that’s the start of her Pluskin master career. Moco gets tasks from Michiru helping the villagers (who always greet Moco with “paprika!”). She has to gather materials to open up a sewing machine and a Plushkin house in town, as well as a garden. Finding the components, and doing the missions Michiru sets for Moco, she has to go into dungeons of sorts and battle the Plushkins she finds. Some Plushkins approach Moco afterwards to be friends and travel with her.

imageIn the dungeons, that look nothing like a dungeon I envision as they are very colorful and made of cloth and sewing materials, there are gathering points too that give you materials or seeds for the garden. Things like Silky buttons, smooth cotton and warm cloth sound so comfy to collect, right? Using the stuff you collect you can make equipment and items to help you in battle using the sewing machine. Or you can use them to train you Pluskins at the Plushkin house. During the course of the game the story unfolds, bringing Moco’s friends from school to the town, one by one.

imageThis game is a very good game for younger children who would like to try a monster collecting game. I think the cuteness will appeal to lots of girls, as the plush animals look great. Much sweeter then the average Pokemon. Like I wrote in my previous article, when they are hurt cotton pops out (don’t worry, Moco can heal them after they have befriended her). The artwork of the game could be more smooth, the characters look a bit unpolished and some of the conversations are a bit strange. Like the way the dragon plush Konpei is constantly worried that too much petting will leave him bald, or the way Moco can only think of food. But I do think kids will like that. The way the game is set up, you don’t need to memorize the rules of battle or of using the right moves, you could just set the battles to automatic. This make the game playable for people who like battle mechanics, selecting moves and polishing stats. And if you’re not into that, you can collect Plushkins and materials at your hearts content. image


  1. I avoided reading this until I gave my copy of the game a try, which I just did today. I totally love it, I have been glued to my 3DS so much I barely paid any attention to the new years celebrations. This is game is cute and charming and still so good and fun. I didn’t realize how badly I wanted a game that was an RPG but wasn’t ashamed to be cute, but it turns out that it was a lot. So far it’s been leaning on the easy side, but I don’t mind, pokemon is like that too. And the game seems to be perfect to play with your own challenges, like the famous pokemon nuzlockes, so I’m sure I can make my own difficulty if I want it. But for now I’m just too happy playing to think about such things. This game literally makes me smile, and that is always a good sign.

    BTW, this is Kumiko, I’ve just switched to using my Google+ name that I use on most sites. Happy new year Yvonne!

    1. Yay, Kumiko and Now Elisa! I’ll remember your name change, and I’m very glad to see you here again
      It’s true, the game does lean to the easy side in the beginning, and the conversations can be a bit kiddie. But who can resist the cotton popping out of the Plushkins. And getting a new one is such a lovely surprise, if only for the thrill of seeing an adorable and colorful new one.
      I’m glad you are liking it!

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