Monster Hunter Diary: Poka Poka Airou Village DX preview

There are a lot of games being released in the next couple of months that I’m interested in. A strain on my wallet, and more importantly, a strain on my time! The first one is only 10 days away. Monster Hunter Village, Poka Airou, 3DSCapcom will be releasing Monster Hunter Diary: Poka Poka Airou Village DX in Japan (モンハン日記 ぽかぽかアイルー村DX) on the 3DS. And although I don’t play Monster Hunter myself, this is a title I’m looking forward to. It promises to be a simulation RPG, where you make friends with all the Airou.

Monster Hunter, Airou, fun game, simulationimageAs a mayor apprentice you are asked to revitalize the village together with your friends, helping with requests, running the village and trying to make it a thriving place. The RPG part consists of fighting monsters together with your friends. What caught my eye in the video that you see beneath this article, is the way you can hatch the eggs that you bring back from battle, to raise the little dragons that emerges from them. Isn’t it super cute? The game offers costumes that you can change into. There’s even a Mario and a Tom Nook costume!

Airou Village DX, Tom Nook, CapcomThe game will have Streetpass, and what’s nice for fans of the main Monster Hunter series, is that save data on your 3DS will give you benefits in the upcoming release of Monster Hunter X!

I’ve pre-downloaded the game today for 3.990 Yen, and I’ll tell you my thoughts as soon as I can get to really play it!

  1. It’s sad that this will likely not get localized, it looks so cute. And I really disliked the monster hunters I’ve tried, so this would be the only chance for me to enjoy this series. A pity.

    1. I’ve tried too, with the Monster Hunter game. Some ladies in my Facebook group really like it, and as we all have Animal Crossing in common, I thought there must be more to it then I saw on first try. But I really, really can’t get into it!

      1. To me, it’s the controls that kill monster hunter for me. They’re especially bad with the archers (my favorite class) and other long range classes. I can sort of tolerate it with melee classes but then I just get mad because the game is not letting me play how I want. Plus, I don’t really care for the “hunting” part, I found chasing the monster all over the map to be boring and a little mean. And the little cats NPCs that help you out in the 3DS demo are so annoying, they are never quiet.

        But I have played the Toukiden demos on the PS Vita, which is mostly like monster hunter, just without the chasing part and much better controls and I love it. Plus it has a real story and the NPC characters that help you out are real characters with personality and development, and they’re not annoying in battle either. I’m definitely going to buy the games once I find them on sale. So it’s not that I don’t like the genre, I just don’t like monster hunter mostly because of the controls.

        1. See, you like it too, just like some of the ladies in my group who adore Animal Crossing too. That’s why I did my best to like it too, but failed. I hadn’t noticed the controls so much, because I’m awful at real time battle anyway. It just felt to sad to slaughter an animal. Of course there are many games where you have to kill monsters, but somehow MH made it so lifelike that I just couldn’t do it!

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