Monster Hunter Generations absolute beginner

There are some games you just want to like. You see gaming friends playing it and having such fun, makes you want to love it too. Yet you are very doubtful if they will make a good gaming fit for you. for me, a couple of games come to mind. Like Inazuma Eleven, Phoenix Wright: Ace Ventura and the Monster Hunter games.

I know, I mentioned it on here before, how I did try a Monster Hunter demo, but I was so awful at the fast movements of the real time fighting that I declined. Now last week Monster Hunter Generations was released for the 3DS. And I hadn’t given it another thought, until one of my gaming friends posted cool pictures of her Prowler mode.

The ladies convinced me after some talking back and forth: I needed to give it another try. Not in the demo mode though, as they always highlight the fighting. And rightly so, it being a hunting game. But I had a feeling that maybe there were other components that I might like. So I took a plunge and bought the game: if I don’t like it, I can probably sell it at a reasonable price again.

imageSo here I am: a huntress. I didn’t know I could look so buff! I haven’t gotten very far yet, I just finished my third training mission, gathering. So far so good, I like getting to know the Jurassic Frontier, and gathering stuff. I completed Find the Ferns, Due for Dragon Amber and Medicinal Moths. Together with my two Palico, Mario and Univer. Mario came, curtesy of Nintendo, through DLC of course.

I must say, the game isn’t easy to get to know. Or maybe it’s just me, and I’m being dense. Problem is, most people have some prior experience with this world, they know the little basic things. I didn’t, and I had problems figuring things out. Like why I was walking so slowly in the village, until I found out I could hold L simultaneously to run. I tended to walk anywhere, until I found you could actually touch the part of the village you want to go to by choosing it on the touch screen.

After some doubt I chose Striker Style with Hunter Arts, and I haven’t changed my weapon yet, I still have the petrified sword. Once I feel more comfortable I will try to fiddle with that. For now, it suits me just fine. I’m reminded how I like playing Poka Poka Airu Village DX, where the little Pallico ran their own show. I wish they’d bring that West too! (More about Poka Poka Airou here)

imageIf you’re familiar with the game, you’ll probably shake your head by now, thinking that I haven’t seen anything yet. You would be right, I haven’t done any monster slaying quests yet, I haven’t been online to fight together with friends. All of that feels very daunting at the moment.  There are so many hidden menu screens, so much to adjust in the game, I have yet to find all the choices.

Still, I am having fun. I love the gathering of all kinds of stuff, and combining items into new things. I love organizing everything, from items to my felyne friends. Scouting for new Palico is fun, you’ll never know what kind of personality your new friend will have. Petting the Moofah is unexpectedly nice, and gives some good wool too. And I’ll eventually get around to the bigger stuff!

Tell me, are you an old hand at these games? Or are you thinking of taking the plunge too? I’ll keep you updated on here about my experiences, as an absolute Monster Hunter noob! For now, can you tell me how to turn off the spurting blood?


  1. That’s great that you’re willing to try something new! I first got into the Monster Hunter series with the previous 3DS game, MH4 Ultimate. At first, I didn’t know how to play at all. These games have a steep learning curve, and I needed to supplement my learning of the mechanics with YouTube how-to-play videos and friends who were already seasoned hunters. Once I was more familiar and got into the swing of things, I was in for a 100+ hour game that was an absolute thrill to play. I actually got excited for Monster Hunter Generations and am enjoying it as a step above a newbie.

    But yes, it’s a great game when you get the hang of it. Don’t be afraid to get outside help and play with other hunters to learn the ropes. Playing with a group of 4 friends taking down a larger-than-life monster is the true thrill of the game. I look forward to reading your experiences!

    1. So you aren’t a newbie anymore! It heartens me though that you like the game, that bodes well for my liking it!

      A good thing that I always love to totally get to the bottom of games, and I’ve often used Youtube tutorials and tend to read everything I can find.

      Of course, the gameplay must be something i like first. So far, it has not disappointed though I was very skeptical. I’m taking it very slow, afraid that if I go too fast into something I don’t understand, I won’t enjoy it in the end. I’ll keep you updated!

      1. Yes! No longer a newbie, but they added some new fun features in this game that I have to try out like hunter styles. Monster Hunter is a different beast, and I was afraid I wouldn’t like it at first. I grew to understand the thrill of the hunt. Yes, a lot of the game is hunting monster after monster. But when you have a big battle against a tough monster and finally see it go down, it feels so rewarding. Forging new equipment made from that monster is the cherry on top. If you have the opportunity to play with others, I highly recommend it. It’s one of the games where cooperative play just does it for me. As you start though, it’s a great idea to take it slow. The game purposefully is designed with all of the easier gathering/small monster missions early on to get you used to the controls and mechanics. The first large monster isn’t too bad either, and is good to practice on. I believe they use that monster (Great Maccao) in all of the weapon tutorials, so it’s a great way to find a weapon you like and get better with it.

        Monster Hunter takes a lot of skill to learn But when you get it, everything just clicks, and you find yourself in a world of exciting monster battles. Hope all goes well for you! Happy hunting!

  2. Take your time! Focus on story mode offline and just go through the beginner training quest. Don’t rush with this series. I’ve been into monster hunter since freedom unite and let me tell you, I was no pro in the beginning! No one is! So take it all in! My boyfriend is experience mhg for first time too and it taking his time to go through the offline mode so he can learn stuff before he plays online with me.

    1. So you are really a pro! Girl you keep amazing me, all the gaming experience you’ve got under your belt!

      I will indeed take it slow, otherwise I might end up resenting it because I can’t get the fighting to work. I’m trying my hand at the small creatures I meet during my gathering, so far so good.

  3. It is cool that you are trying it. Don’t worry it is a daunting game to all newcomers. I think the newer games are doing a bit better at teaching the player about the game. Only a bit! When I first played Monster Hunter 3U I was terrible lol. My boyfriend whom has been playing it since it came out on PSP in the U.S. helped me out a lot. Once you get the hang of the controls it is very fun. Gaijin Hunter on Youtube makes great weapon tutorials and tips in general. I think the long sword and twin swords are the easiest weapons to start with. I started with those before trying other ones.

    1. I will take it slow!
      I’m thinking of trying the twin swords next, they served me well in Rune Factory, so maybe they work for me here too. Though the lance (standing a bit further away) seems like a good idea for me too (a bit chicken, right?)

      I remember Gaijin Hunter, I think I saw some of his gameplay for Poka Poka Airou. Thanks for the tip, I’ll check it out!

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