Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Demo + What To Expect

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate released on the Nintendo Switch on the 28th of August. This is the Western localization of Monster Hunter XX that released last year in Japan.


A demo is available on the Nintendo e-shop that lets you fight against three different monsters of varying difficulties. The time limit for the demo is shorter than they are in the full game. You can play it online or locally with other Switches, for a total of four players.

Playing it I had completely forgotten the old Gunlance moveset, since I’ve played through a fair bit of World. It’ll be a little hard missing a couple of extra things, but in the full game playing around with the different styles will be nice.

New and Old Monster Hunter

Arekkz Gaming is a popular Monster Hunter Youtuber and he has made a video for players that may have started with Monster Hunter World to get them used to the old mechanics this game will have. Gaijin Hunter has been making weapon tutorials for Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate.

One of the things some of you might like is that in the Generations games you can play as a Felyne, but called a Prowler. That said, it is more for higher skilled players, as it can be a detriment to the team if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Differences Between Generations and Generations Ultimate

With the exception of a few titles, the West generally receives the Ultimate version of a game. Which is the second release of a game containing the G rank content. G rank is the hardest rank, with monsters hitting harder, with more moves and always scaled for four players. With this version there are an additional twenty two monsters, new styles, transmogrification and a higher resolution. As well as more crossover DLC, including a Breath of the Wild collaboration.

This release also allows you to transfer your save data from your Nintendo 3DS copy of Generations to Generations Ultimate on your Switch. I actually didn’t play any of Generations so I’ll be starting fresh.

NCHProductions often makes animated funny Monster Hunter videos, here is one from MH Generations.

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