More images of Popolocrois Bokujo: Farming with a twist

Remember when I wrote about a new game being developed, with the strange name PoPoLoCrois? I made a blog about it here ( The original PoPoLoCrois game has been available on the PlayStation. There have been 6 PoPoLoCrois games on the PS, the first in 1996 and the last on the PSP. There have even been two anime series on television!

This new cross over game will have farming elements of Harvest Moon, and the RPG with command driven battles from PoPoLoCrois. The main character that will feature in the story is Prince Pietro, as he did in the PS games. A number of familiar characters from the PoPoLoCrois series will also appear. And as expected from a Harvest Moon title, players will be able to take care of animals and grow crops on their ranch.

One of my gaming friends keeps tabs on Japanese video game magazine Famitsu, and I couldn’t resist sharing these scans with you. Looking good, thanks BriBri (!

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