More Switch Games for Valentine’s Day

Last year I made an article on what  co-op games I thought worked for two. In the year since, many games have continued the joy of playing together. So in this post I’ll highlight some more, including multi-system and competitive games.

Not So Fast

First I’d like to mention a game that shouldn’t be bought for co-op play. That is: A Hat in Time.

The game on its own isn’t bad but the local co-op isn’t split screen. Meaning you have to share the screen, in a 3D platformer. It really didn’t give my boyfriend a good first impression of the game. Sadly the Switch version is best left for one.


2D for Two

Cadence of Hyrule: Crypt of the NecroDancer Feat. The Legend of Zelda

First is Cadence of Hyrule: Crypt of the NecroDancer Featuring the Legend of Zelda. It might surprise some that this game has co-op since it’s not something show in the trailers. Once you’ve completed a short tutorial you can bring in Player 2. This is very helpful as you can revive each other by walking to the nearest Sheikah stone. It’s a fun game that lets you enjoy the experience of a 2D Zelda, while struggling to figure out puzzles together. There is a demo, though I’m unsure if that has co-op.

Yoshi's Crafted World

Yoshi’s Crafted World, might depend on personal preference (my boyfriend didn’t enjoy it). Some issues with co-op is that jumping over each other, sticks you on their back. While eating one means that you’ll have separated their eggs and will probably steal them. There is a demo you can try out before you commit but others may well enjoy the mostly chill adventures of Yoshi and Yoshi.

Beat em’ Up

Last year I reviewed a couple of beat-em-up games that I enjoyed with co-op. First was River City Girls, and what’s more romantic than a quest to save your boyfriends? Having a second player makes it a bit more manageable as sometimes you can revive each other, by stomping their soul back into them. Check out my review here.

Castle Crashers Remastered is also a blast and allows for a total of four players. At the end of certain levels you might have to fight to the death for a kiss from a princess. The main thing to be aware of is when picking characters, press y, so that their profile will log in. Without doing that whatever level their character got up to won’t be saved! You can find my review here.

Headline Nintendo Games

Luigi's mansion 3

Luigi’s Mansion 3 allows for the full game to be played in co-op (after about an hour’s gameplay). With your player 2 taking the role of Gooigi. Unfortunately he can’t open any doors for you (not much of a gentleman huh?). There’s also local versus modes, and an online co-operative mode that you can take one local partner in to. Here’s my review.

Super Mario Maker 2

Super Mario Maker 2 allows for co-op building which is…. not great. However you can play courses that you’ve made/downloaded in local co-op. You can try out some levels my sister made with these codes (don’t say I didn’t warn you):


Free DLC and Platformers


If you own Wargroove some new free DLC recently dropped. This Double Trouble is a new campaign built for co-op (and you don’t need to beat the main story to play it), you work together but control different units meaning you have to work as a different team and have split funds. It adds a few new mechanics and units to boot. Pikodoodle reviewed the original game here.

Shovel Knight

Shovel Knight: Shovel Of Hope is the original campaign and can be purchased on it’s own or as part of Treasure Trove. This is the only one of these games that can be played in co-op, sometimes  it can be more of a hindrance but it is helpful for boss fights. Be aware that they might like to destroy the checkpoints for gold, and if you’re not very good at 2D games unlike me, you won’t appreciate that. Paula has a review of the whole collection.

If you’re a couple of “hardcore” gamers and can get past the dreaded tutorial then perhaps Cuphead is for you. This gorgeous game lets you play as Cuphead and Mugman in a bid to save your souls….eventually. You have the added bonus of being able to revive each other……very rarely.

Hand Holding and Crafting

Heave Ho

Heave Ho is a little game that involves throwing yourself around and gripping to get to the goal, the stages are the same in solo and co-op but are changed as you’ll find playing with one or more that you’ll eventually need to co-operate and hold hands to get through.

One I don’t know how it didn’t occur to me last time is Minecraft. You actually need to turn multiplayer off to play on the same system, but how else would you build an epic monument to your love, and have them blow it up because they just can’t help themselves.

Multi System Co-op Missions

This time I’m including some multi system games, these are ones that require you to have multiple Switches and these can also be played online.


DaemonXMachina doesn’t have a full co-op campaign but there are multiplayer missions you can do together by opening a room and you can take it online. Since release there’s been a few updates and there’s now a battle mode in case you feel like taking them on. I’m not sure if the demo that’s out is multiplayer compatible.

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

Similarly Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate requires you to actually go through the story yourself but Hunter Guild missions can be done co-op. Just pop in with some wireless/online and have your veteran with their imported 3DS save take on the monster while you try to remember the controls and boost your hunter rank. Besides Generations has way more monsters and cooler weapon looks than World. It has a demo you can try.

Western RPGs and Farming

Divinity Original Sin 2

Divinity Original Sin II is a bit tricky, unfortunately no split-screen like the first. the main thing to keep in mind when playing co-op is that someone may or may not be prone to killing everything and maybe they ought to listen when a crab says it’s a powerful sorcerer but also when encountering a fight if you’re partner is a bit far out they mightn’t be able to get close enough in a fight to help.

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley lets you build a cabin on your existing farm to host other players or start a new one, plus with the recent update there’s a new farm layout and you can even separate your expenses which is great for those jerks that keep fainting in the mines. With the right ingredients you can craft a ring to marry each other. Why you would do that when you can marry Shane beats me but it’s an option. Be aware that playing multiplayer means you can’t pause the game and need to wait for others to get in bed, nothing stopping you from sharing one either.

Racing and Punching

Now competitive games mightn’t be the best for a day or romance but that depends on the both of you.

Horizon Chase Turbo

Of course we’ve got racing games like Mario Kart, Crash Team Racing, Horizon Chase Turbo and Gensou Skydrift. At least in some games they can carry you through the campaign.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

The Switch has a plethora of fighting games, but if you’re both scrubs you’ll at least be on a similar level. Of course you’ve got Smash, Blazblue CrossTag Battle, Dragon Ball FighterZ, Lethal League Blaze (two thumbs up by the way) and a lot of older titles through the ACA Neo Geo Line such as Waku Waku 7.

Hive Mind Warfare

Killer Queen Black

With Killer Queen Black they’ll need to play the tutorial first. Now they’ve updated the game so you can play proper local play and fill the rest out with bots if you want. Online you can take your partner with you, though teams are made of four. My review is here.

Probably one of my favourite competitive games is Duck game. It has a burger face, dedicated quack button and such quick fights that you can’t get too mad about losing, unless you killed yourself…

Worms W.M.D is also pretty good maybe more for those who have actually played it before. If they get too big for their boots make them play online and lose any confidence in their abilities. This entry features vehicles and crafting plus a campaign mode including themed missions.

Games for One


The Switch has plenty of visual novels to tide you by. Recently Code: Realize got ported and is one of the better otome games on the system. If you don’t mind playing from the perspective of a male, WorldEnd Syndrome and Tokyo School Life are some options. To The Moon isn’t a dating sim, but is a touching romance story if you’re in the mood.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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