Moving Out Demo Impressions (Steam)

During the weekend of this year’s Game Awards some highlighted games got temporary demos on Steam. I tried out the ones that are set to release on Switch. Adding to the list of co-operative couch multiplayer games with wacky themes, is Moving Out.

Reckless Removal

This demo had the tutorial where you become  F.A.R.T certified and three levels. The goal of each level is to get all the designated furniture moved to the moving zone. Certain pieces will need additional players to carry (or at least to carry faster). Of course there are many obstacles in your way you can dispose of be it windows or other furniture. You can jump while carrying light items, and all items can be thrown though two person ones will need a simultaneous press.

This game has a comedic tone throughout, and your characters have a line of dialogue at the start and end of missions. Such as entering an office space with a ghost, mine said the place was disturbing and my boyfriend’s character said “I know! Can you imagine having to work inside an office all day?”. Ghosts are annoying as they will catch you and respawn in the center area. You can slap them to dizzy them out for a while. After which they will go out of their way to chase you. Instead a little bit of stealth can help. Even with only a few levels we could see the variety, as there were a couple of haunted chairs in one so we had to block them in with other furniture.

Break A Chair!

You get a better ranking based on time. Once you’ve finished a mission you can go back to try for bonus objectives. Be it to not break any windows, or to pack specific things. Completing those will give you tips which can apparently be spent at an arcade (that was not present in the demo). This game looks very promising and to be some good co-operative fun. I’m always up for fun local play games that keep both my boyfriend and I engaged. It has a 2020 release date, though I hope it’s sooner in the year.

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