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My E3 would be perfect if only

With the E3 2017 starting in Los Angeles I’ve been on the lookout for news that would be interesting for my readers all weekend. As you might know, the E3 is the yearly event where the gaming industry tries to surprise us with new game announcements, showcases new devices that have been developed and shows us game footage of games that the audience is eagerly awaiting. So, an important event if you are into gaming! Hopping on the hype train, I even made the effort of watching the EA presentation last Saturday night.

Perhaps you’re wondering if I didn’t have anything better to do on a Saturday night? No, as a matter of fact I didn’t. The television was on, we were sitting cozily at our large kitchen table with our devices at the ready and our daughter was out partying. A good cup of coffee, some sinful but delicious treat were laid out. It was a choice of either watching the telly or watching the EA live stream. I did use the time efficiently by playing Breath of Wild in the meantime though.

A wise choice to do some multi tasking, as what I saw on screen made it more and more clear that perhaps the gaming company had an entirely different audience in mind. All the stereotypes about gaming were in that presentation. A wall of noise, lots of fighting and fast action. Beautiful graphics but a lot of them very grim and in darker tones. No light hearted colorful displays. I know the fans had been eagerly awaiting to see more of Star Wars Battlefront II. And I’m glad for the soccer fans, who saw more of FIFA 18 and all. But am I silly for hoping for more news about The Sims Mobile?

I guess so. EA wasn’t making this presentation for the casual audience, nor where they making it for people who love their fix of sim, time management games or even turn-based RPG. While contemplating this I wondered if I was going to be disappointed by this E3. I’m hoping to see new games that might be right up my alley. Meanwhile, my hopes are pinned on Nintendo, and on the companies that don’t give a full blown presentation, but who use the momentum of the E3 to give us some exiting gaming news. Like Natsume  (Harvest Moon), or Ubisoft. Or even Capcom, and Level 5?

But I know my E3 would be perfect if….Nintendo brought news about Animal Crossing on the Switch. Maybe paired with a AC mobile app that would allow you to earn bells while walking around in real life. Or collect special furniture based on wifi signals that are floating around. Hopefully the company knows a whole new demographic would flock to the stores to buy the Switch! And that’s what they want, right? To make the Switch as big a success as the Wii was, or even bigger?

So tell me, what would make your E3 2017 perfect?

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  1. That’s an awesome idea of having a companion app on mobile devices. No idea why no other companies have done that already, it seems like the most obvious idea the more that I think about it! (Not to discredit your idea, of course 🙂

    Seems companies can be super slow to adapt to this kind of thing.

    1. I think many of them are too set in their thinking! Or they want to entice non-gamers. But there’s fun to be had for gamers who play their games on console or handheld too!

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