My Fantasy Life in English on the 3DS started today!

Months ago I wrote about the decision to import a Japanese 3DS, and one of the reasons to do that was that I felt I had waited long enough for the game that Level 5 had released in Japan in 2012, and that didn’t seem to be coming to the West. (blog here). Lo and behold, shortly after that the western release was confirmed! I had a preview with my Japanese game and quickly decided that no matter what, I had to have this game in English too, because the game is that good!

So today was the day that I started my Fantasy Life in English, this time not only getting a feeling for the stunning visuals and gameplay, but being able to read more about the funny storyline and the entertaining quests too. Last time I chose the profession of the alchemist, this time I chose the life of a wizard, and I liked it much better. I felt like a regular little Gandalf whirling around my spells! I’ve been busy tackling a couple of spooks, I’ve accepted some shady quests ( hey, a girl’s gotta make some money right?) and I’ve been earning my wizard stars slaying monsters. Although, monsters…the easiest where the sheep, they didn’t put up much of a fight when I attacked them with my wind energy. Somehow I always feel sorry for them, they look so adorable!FantasyLife, YvoCaro, Magician, Jobs, Review, RPG, Nintendo, 3DS, SimulationThe game is often compared to Animal Crossing, but aside from the fact that you can chat with villagers and decorate your room, I find the comparison ends there. The game is much more like Rune Factory with its questing and gathering of materials, and switching between the various professions you can take up makes it a game in which you can spend hours and hours, and never be bored. The land of Reveria is large, you can wander as much as you like, battle monsters and level up or gather things to make potions or cook dishes. It’s kind of like an RPG, but not in the way that you travel with a group and try to balance the abilities of the group in a way that you can level up to slay everything that comes your way. The key to this game is to make a character that in the end has all aspects or jobs under his or her belt, and in that way can handle it all. It has streetpass features, you can play in multiplayer through online play to battle bigger monsters that you can’t slay alone. Like in Animal Crossing you can send messages to people on your friendlist while in your game. I would say this game has it all.FantasyLife, YvoCaro, Castele, Jobs, Review, RPG, Level5, 3DS, SimulationEven with the year not yet over maybe I can say this is the game of the year for me, though there are some that come close. There’s only one thing I don’t really understand, and that’s the expansion pack: for $8,99 you can buy the expansion pack to get Origin Island with extra quests and adoptable pet dragon. Perfect I’d say, and not too expensive either. I wonder if buying the Island before finishing the main storyline and reaching level 50 is useful, though I do hear you can have a pet bird early on. But what is strange is that people with and without the expansion pack can’t play over wifi together which seems a pity.FantasyLife, YvoCaro, Magician, Jobs, Review, RPG, Nintendo, 3DS, Simulation, Carpentry

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