My Favorite Weird Christmas Games

Christmas is the time of year to visit family, exchange gifts, sit around a fire, and play some really weird video games!

My Favorite Weird Christmas Games

While Christmas-themed video games have always been a little strange, from horror holiday games to SNES platformers where you jump over evil oranges, but I have some personal favorite weird holiday games that I love or hope to play soon as the season takes over.

Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star

If you have never heard of Hatoful Boyfriend, it’s a dating simulator for birds. And if that wasn’t weird enough, the developers released a Christmas-themed version: Holiday Star. If you want to be a bird and date other birds, you have come to the right place.

Tree Simulator

Tree Simulator is exactly what it sounds like; you’re a tree, and you grow slowly over time. While not inherently Christmas-themed, you can make the world wintery snowy, and decorate yourself with ornaments and lights to get into the season the leafy way.

Ho-Ho-Home Invasion

Ho-Ho-Home Invasion is sort of a spy game; you play as Santa, who needs to infiltrate homes, sneak around robots, and deliver all those presents before Christmas Day begins. But don’t get caught!

Santa Rockstar

If you like games like Guitar Hero and Rockband, then you’ll love Santa Rockstar. It’s a rhythm game with the same look and feel as those original band simulations, but it features metal versions of famous Christmas songs.

I commissioned some Bees (advent)

If you are looking for a unique advent calendar this year, I commissioned some Bees (advent) is a one-a-day advent calendar for the month of December. A developer commissioned artists to make Christmas-themed art with hidden bees in it, and you need to find all the bees to win. There are over 2500 bees hidden away.

Little Inferno: Ho-Ho-Holiday DLC

Little Inferno was released more than a decade ago, and it got some Christmas DLC ten years after its release. If you love the idea of setting Christmas-themed things on fire, you should check out this game; it’s a weird puzzle game where you need to light everything aflame.

Basically, Every Christmas Horror Game Ever

I’ve always found those Christmas horror titles, be they horror movies or horror games, absolutely hilarious. If you like mixing up the holidays with a little bit of a spook, check out the massive list of holiday-themed horror games on Steam.


SantaCraft looks like a mix between Factorio and Stardew Valley with a Christmas twist. I like the look of this game, and I hope to find it under my tree this year so I can try it out.

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