My game of the month: January

With January already over, I thought it was time to introduce a new monthly blog: my game of the month. As you know I have many devices to play games on, and I always play several games simultaneously. This monthly recurring blog will be a nice way for me to keep track of what games I’ve invested my time in.

So, what games did I play?

I hardly used my European 3DS, lately I’ve noticed that it’s my least used device. Games are generally cheaper when bought in dollars ( though that may soon change with the exchange rate of the euro to the dollar at the moment!) and games tend to be released at roughly the same time lately too. I only played the Monster Hunter 4 demo on it.

cinderelife, girls rpg, level-5, cinderella life, hostessOn the American 3DS I played Persona Q, Shadow of the Labyrinth and Fantasy Life. When I have a traveler in Tomodachi Life, I still tend to spoil them a bit and then send them on their merry way, so I played a bit of that game too. And lastly I tried the demo for Codename S.T.E.A.M., I’ll tell you about my thoughts in one of my next blogs.

I had promised my friend Bri Bri to make a review for Cinderella Life, a girls RPG, so I played that game on my Japanese 3DS ( see the review here)

My PS Vita was brand new this month, and it got some love playing Tearaway, the demo for Flower, I briefly popped in New Little Kings Story and Child of Light, but the most time played was spent in Innocent Life, a Futuristic Harvest Moon.

In app gaming I played Delicious: Emily and I did my daily chores in Castaway Paradise.

Innocent life, futuristic, harvest moon, shipping pod, railsystemSo what was my most favorite game for the month of January? It was Innocent Life on the Vita, I’ve put in some 35 hours, and I still love it. Why? Because it is a farming sim that has unexpected elements. No dating, but robots and computers to do your work. I even have a rail system in place now on my land to take produce to the shipping pod automatically. There’s a wealth of crops and fruit on the trees in the wild, according to the season. There’s a lot of area to explore, and there’s a main quest towards which you are working. If you have a Vita or a PS system, and if you like Rune Factory and Harvest Moon, I’d strongly recommend it.

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