My little friends made it big as 3DS stars!

The Pikmins made it big in their own short movies that you can download on the 3DS. Did you see their adventures? Adorable as ever. And now they made it big as homescreen stars on the 3DS too! As you know I have three 3DS’s, so plenty of opportunities to decorate them with some of the homescreens that Nintendo is treating us to. But although I love all the new designs they made, I find that they are just not enough of a must have item for me. My European one still isn’t adorned with one, it has the red background. I did download one on the Japanese 3DS, an Animal Crossing theme with the AC music in the background that I love so much. It looks perfect, and though I like the one for Jibanyan from Yokai Watch a lot too, I think I’ll stick to Animal Crossing.

But now we have two new themes available featuring my little friend, the Pikmin. You just gotta love them as you can see here in these videos.

I wrote about them before, how it’s hard not to love them, and how I really feel sorry for them when they have to battle for me ( and die in the process…) I think I’m going to pay homage to them by downloading these themes. I think I like this next one most, the first one reminds me too much the look of the ladybug eating my stray Pikmin when the airship leaves at sundown!

Did you download one of the many available homescreens? And what’s your favorite?


  1. My PAL favourite is still Link Between Worlds and Japanese one Skyward Sword. I will have to check out the Animal Crossing one!

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