My Lovely Pets 2 Collector’s Edition Review

Game: My Lovely Pets 2 Collector’s Edition
Genre: Casual, Hidden object
System: Steam (Windows)
Developer|Publisher: AVI Games | HH-Games
Controller Support: No
Price: UK £4.99 | US $5.99 | EU € 4.99
Release Date: 13th July 2023

Review code used with many thanks to HH-Games.

My Lovely Pets 2 Collector’s Edition is a 2023 hidden object puzzle game developed by AVI Games and published by HH-Games.

My Lovely Pets 2 Collector's Edition A hidden object scene in a backyard
A bit crowded here, eh?


There is no concise story in My Lovely Pets 2. All you need to know is that you have a lot of levels where you need to find all the hidden animals and objects.


For the most part, My Lovely Pets 2 is a classic hidden object game; you have a scene with a bunch of objects, and you have what you need to find named at the bottom of the screen. The game has some variety by showing pictures or outlines of the objects. Some are hidden within a closer-up part of the scene, shown with sparkles. You can earn bonus points by finding things quickly or by finding outlined things or pets in each location. Then, you can use the bonus points to buy pets in the pet shop.

Some of the objects in the lower part of the screen are tasks you need to complete, for example, placing a photo in a frame and so on. On that note, I commend My Lovely Pets 2; the hidden object scenes are very crowded, but all the objects are somewhat logically placed and connect with the overall theme of the level.

In between hidden object scenes, My Lovely Pets 2 offers mini-games, jigsaw puzzles, find the differences, etc. Those are also pet-connected. When you finish the game but still want more, the Collector’s Edition offers additional puzzles in the Extras Menu.

My Lovely Pets 2 Collector's Edition Find the differences mini game
Found them all!

Difficulty and Game Progression

My Lovely Pets 2 doesn’t have difficulty settings. However, it has a hint button for hidden object scenes and a skip button for the mini-games. The hints are limitless, but the button needs to recharge. For skip, there is no charging time.

You need to complete the previous one to progress to the next level. The game doesn’t care how you do it – even if you use only hints or skip a mini-game.

My Lovely Pets 2 Collector's Edition Hidden object scene in the park
Where is Wally?

Art Style

My Lovely Pets 2 is a very colorful game that, unfortunately for me, has that photo-realistic art style I don’t like. Still, it doesn’t look dated or awkward like the recently reviewed Jane Angel: Templar Mystery. The overall game experience would improve if fewer objects were on the screen.

One thing I didn’t like at all was the soundtrack; it was mostly jazzy tunes, and I generally like jazz. Luckily, there is an easy fix for that: just muting the music and playing something of my own. Some scenes feel overwhelming and busy when playing the game with its original soundtrack.

My Lovely Pets 2 Collector's Edition Wallpapers in the Extra Menu
So many wallpapers to choose from!

The Extras

My Lovely Pets 2 is a Collector’s Edition, meaning plenty of bonus content exists. Besides the usual wallpapers and soundtrack, this game offers many more bonus mini-games and the Pet Shop, where you can buy pets using your bonus points.


My Lovely Pets 2 Collector’s Edition is a nice, lengthy casual game for fans of the hidden object genre. It offers enough content and variety to keep you occupied for a long, long time.


Final Verdict: I Like it. I like it

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