My Mii is having fun abroad!

Last week I posted a blog about the fun I had with Tomodachi Life, and the fun things the Mii’s that live in my game were having. I couldn’t resist making another blog about the fun my own Mii is having abroad. Because she has travelled to several countries of other Tomodachi players.

She has risen to some fame on this Tomodachi island, as you can see in the picture at the top of this blog in Bri Bri’s game!

In answer to my blog about missing Swapnote and Nikki, the Mii who so kindly navigated us through Swapnote, Bri Bri mentioned I better make up with Nikki first…I didn’t know My Mii could be so unreasonable!

In Kathy’s game I’m romantically involved with Spock. Not bad seeing that I’m a big fan of Star Trek, but I would have preferred Kirk! In Dee’s game I’m the Joker’s sweetheart. All I can say is: “ugh…”

But this is the way I love spending my time: playing the WiiU together with Vicki!


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