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My Time at Sandrock Hints and Tips Guide

Welcome to Sandrock, a sandy place with lots to do. We reviewed My Time at Sandrock and gave the game a score of I Like it a Lot. If you previously played My time at Portia, you will find a few changes in the gameplay of Sandrock.

So as is usual at LadiesGamers, when we love a game, we write a guide. These hints and tips will set you on the right track to making the most of your time in Sandrock.

My time at Sandrock LadiesGamers

Plenty To do In Sandrock

After accepting a job offer in the frontier town of Sandrock, you’ll assume the role of a fledgling builder. It’s up to you and your trusty toolset to gather resources, build machines, fix up your Workshop into a well-oiled production machine, and save the town from the jaws of economic ruin.

For a start, since Sandrock is set in a desert environment, water is a scarce commodity, and one of the first things you will find out is you can’t cut the trees down for wood.

digging in a scrap pile

Gather Resources

After the game introduces the storyline, the first thing you are asked to do is make a pick hammer. To collect the resources to make the pick hammer, you have to find piles of junk lying around on the ground; by holding E on the keyboard or X on the controller, you can gather the resources. In the piles of junk, you will find wood and stone. Once you have gathered enough wood and stone, you can make the pick hammer at the Worktable.

my time at sandrock LadiesGamers
Salvage yard scrap pile

Later in the story, you are introduced to Rocky, the Enfaula Salvage Yard owner. The salvage yard is up the hill behind your Workshop, nice and handy for an outing to the yard to collect metal resources. You will find a big pile of junk of all kinds of metal and such in the yard.

It appears once a day, so make sure you make good use of it as everything you collect is needed for crafting. Raw materials and some workable recipes are sold at the Guild. Also, more purchase options will be unlocked when your workshop rating improves.

my time at sandrock LadiesGamers
collecting resources

Pick up Garbage

In the town of Sandrock, as you go about your business, interact with the NPCs and visit the shops and the Blue Moon Saloon for something to eat. It pays to keep your eyes open for any garbage lying around and clean it up as this is another way of collecting resources.

my time at sandrock LadiesGamers


The first major machine you are tasked with constructing on the Assembly station is the Recycler after talking to Tan in the Commerce Guild in town and getting the blueprint. You can use the Recycler once it is constructed to put all kinds of scrap that you have picked up into it to recycle them into more usable materials recycled, such as wood.

Blueprints in Sandrock are needed to build large construction on the Assembly station. You can obtain blueprints or diagrams for the Assembly Station by turning in Data Discs to the Research Center, and recipes for the Worktable can be obtained at the Commerce Guild in town. You can also buy recipes in some shops.

my time at sandrock LadiesGamers
commissions board

Commerce Guild and Commissions

Check the board in the Commerce Guild daily for the commissions to complete. You can only accept one commission a day at the beginning of the game. Once your Workshop rating increases, you can pick more commissions daily. By completing the commission successfully, you are rewarded with usually some coins and even items to use at your Workshop.

MTS LadiesGamers
Commerce Guild

Taking on commissions is part of daily life in My Time at Sandrock. With each commission you complete, your Workshop receives points. Since you aren’t the only builder in Sandrock, all builders’ points are added up, and the top three ranked workshops will receive prizes at the end of each month.

The top three ranked workshops for the year will receive even more prizes at the annual Commerce Guild Awards, taking place on the first of Spring. Points will reset at the start of each year.

my time at sandrock LadiesGamers
Workshop rankings


Your inventory fills up quickly, so I suggest working on making at least two storage boxes right away. Of course, you can also buy storage boxes from the general store, but why buy them when you can craft them yourself. Two storage boxes won’t be enough, so be prepared to make more as you need them.

They fill up rather quickly since you gather and collect so many items. However, the great thing is that you can access all your storage boxes at once by opening one and scrolling between the contents of all the storage boxes. Having access to all your storage at once makes it easier to keep it all in check.

my time at sandrock LadiesGamers
Water tank storage


As I’ve previously mentioned, water is a scarce commodity in My Time at Sandrock. All of the machines in your Workshop need water and fuel to run. You shouldn’t have any problem collecting fuel as one of the main fuels is dregs (a common material found in scrap piles), wood or power stones.

You’ll find a water tank in your yard that you can fill with water by obtaining water barrels. When you fill the tank, it, in turn, supplies all the machinery with water. Of course, the more machinery you have, the higher the water consumption at your Workshop. Sometimes you’ll get water barrels as rewards for tasks and completing side quests.

my time at sandrock LadiesGamers
Adding water to the water tank

Collect Dew

You can buy water from Burgess’s store at Martle’s oasis in the town. You can buy five barrels at a time, but the price varies depending on how much water has been used recently. The more water you purchase, the higher the price of water in the future.

You can also collect Dew by checking the plants around your Workshop in the morning, chopping at bushes, or collecting plants in the area. You’ll need 10 Dew to make one water barrel at the worktable. One barrel of water is not a whole lot and won’t last long if you have a few machines operating, so you’ll either need to harvest a bunch of Dew or, later in the game, you can build a Dew Collector.

my time at sandrock LadiesGamers
Feather duster


Sandstorms frequently happen in Sandrock; Pen will give you a very fashionable hood and goggles to wear so you don’t get blinded by the sandstorm. In addition, you’ll need a Feather Duster to clean your machinery at the Workshop after each sandstorm. You’ll also be asked to use your feather duster in town to clean the sand away from buildings and such.

my time at sandrock LadiesGamers
Very fashionable

Abandoned Ruins and Mining

Eventually, you will get access to the Abandoned Ruins, where you can go mining for ores and data discs. You’re given a jet pack and Scanners armed with both; you can go to the ruins. You can scan for tressure by pressing E on the keyboard or X on a controller. Once you scan the mine, there are important points to investigate. The mine has more than one floor, so make sure you dig down deep.

In ruins, while you are mining, you might find Relics. Relics are items left over from the Age of Corruption scattered in ruins. Take the Relics you collect to the museum and use the Recovery machine to reconstruct the relic. In addition, any Relics you find are given to the museum for their collection.

my time at sandrock LadiesGamers
Mining in the ruins

Play Critters

Critters is a card mini-game you can play with all each NPC who all has their own strategy; when playing Critters. So it plays to keep an eye on your opponent’s play-style to find winning moves. In Critters, there are four rounds in a game; each player plays one card per round.

It’s a pretty simple mini-game to understand as it’s similar to rock, paper scissors, only its animal cards used to play with. Cards have an image of an animal on them, Elephant, Wolf, Cat or Mouse. You must try to beat your opponent’s card by placing one of your cards at a higher level than your opponent’s card:

  • Elephant beats Wolf and Cat
  • Wolf beats Cat
  • Cat beats Mouse
  • Mouse beats Elephant

Whoever wins the round gets one point, and the player with the most points at the end of the round wins the game.

my time at sandrock LadiesGamers
Play the card game Critters

That’s it for now in this Early Access game. Enjoy!!

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