New Style Boutique 3 Styling Star Review

Time to review the new 3DS game New Style Boutique Styling Star, as I am 35 hours in and style level 50. The game is also know as Style Savvy or Girls Mode, depending on your region. The game came out 10 days ago in Europe, and about a month ago in Japan. American gamers will get to download this game on December 25th where it’s a digital only game.

For me Styling Star is the best in the series so far, and I love all 4 games. In this version you get to style pop stars and backing dancers, who then perform a very catchy song on stage. I do miss the fashion shows from previous games but I love this new feature. This game feels a little more grown up, if you have played the others they had a child like feel to them, which isn’t a bad thing as such, but I prefer this game as I am an older player.

The game has some well thought out stories to it, which after 35 hours I still have not finished. This makes it longer than the previous games. You really begin to love the characters. The dialogue is less cheesy and the music throughout the game is much better.

If you are a new to the series you can just jump into this one as they are not linked but all are great. So this game features; choosing outfits, styling hair, makeup and nails, boutique design, clothes design- which you can share your creations online along with your shop, modelling, and mens fashion makes a welcome return after it being an afterthought it NSB2: Fashion Forward. Another awesome new feature is that you can send a text message in the game to any customer you have served and ask them to come in to your shop, perfect if there is a character you really want to make over.

Even if you are not “girly” like me you can still enjoy this game. I love how I can be very creative, there is bit more freedom to do what you want in this instalment. It is very relaxing and it is definitely an easy feel-good game.

Returning fans may not like the fact fashion shows are gone. But it is not an issue for me as I can play the other ones if I miss them too much. There are also a lot of the same clothing items but plenty of new ones to keep you interested. Including bracelets, watches and headphones- all brand new for this game.

I highly recommend this game for long time fans and newcomers alike. I would score the game 9.5/10 – a must have!

Thanks everyone for reading!




  1. I’m not into fashion at all, but it was nice to read your review and it gave me a higher opinion on these games.
    This review is written by Vic right? (saw a refference to it in a command)
    Meaby it’s a good idea to let readers know who posted (wrote) a piece. (who the ‘I’ is)
    Then you can place everything you read better and get to know the writer (s)

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