New translations Madorica Real Estate

A couple of weeks ago a surprising new entry hit the Nintendo Switch. Madorica Real Estate: a puzzler taking place on a house map. I know there are a lot of puzzlers on the Switch already. But Madorica Real Estate is of the logical puzzles sort. Some do-able, some feel to me as if they are frying my brain. But when the Eureka moment hits….the best kind of feeling!

Find the review I made here. In it I mentioned that the English in the game isn’t what it should be. Neither was the translation in the website. I talked about it with the developer when I interviewed him ( interview here) and he promised that the translations would be improved.

Takashi Hamada was true to his word, as he tweeted this morning! I haven’t seen the update yet in the game but the website has certainly had an overhaul.

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