New Writer: Let’s meet Maddison

You might think our team is big enough by now, but working with a writers’ team on a volunteer bases means that everyone reviews and writes when they have time and when a game comes by that interests them. Which is why there’s room to make the team bigger and bring you another new face!
The team at LadiesGamers is spread across the globe, from one end of the American continent via Europe to Japan and Australia. Maddison however takes it one step further: and Australian girl in an American city!

Let me introduce Maddison Hawkins to you!

Hi there! I’m Maddison, an Australian writer currently transplanted in rainy Seattle! I’ve been a Nintendo girl since I got my first Nintendo64 as a kid, and have fond memories of emptying my piggy bank just to buy myself a Gameboy Advance and a copy of Super Mario World.

I’ve recently rediscovered gaming as an adult and can’t be without my Nintendo Switch for very long. I need to check in on my farm in Stardew Valley at least once a day or I start to worry. What will happen to my cauliflowers?!

When I’m not gaming I’m usually hanging out with my kitten Beanie, working on my latest knitting project or reading as many books as I can get my hands on.

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