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Do you love playing games?  And do you like writing? Then think about joining our team at We are a family-friendly (non-profit) site focusing on Indie and Wholesome gaming. We promote and review indie games which may not receive mainstream coverage with an occasional AAA game thrown in there! 

While we can’t offer any compensation we do offer free review codes for Steam and Nintendo Switch. Plus we offer you the chance to be a part of a friendly team and a nice community! 

Open Positions

Writers for reviews

Sorry, we currently have no positions for writers. 

However, our group is constantly changing as people’s real life demands their attention. You could get in touch with us to be on the reserve list, and if a position opens up we will get in touch with you.

If you are interested, ask yourself: would you like to write reviews with a focus on games on Steam and Switch? We do request that our writers make a minimum of two reviews a month. However, we love for our writers to be more active on the site, and if you have ideas for a guide or an editorial article, that is encouraged as well.

We know it can be time-consuming to make a good in-depth article or review, and sometimes time is short due to embargoes that we want to meet. Keeping this in mind, do you have the time to spare for that in your life?

On the positive side: you get the fun of socializing in a small team and playing free games: isn’t that a nice way to extend your hobby? 

If you are interested, I’d love to hear from you! Send me a message at

Tell me what kind of gaming interests you, and, if you have any, include an example of your writing. But don’t hesitate to contact me if this is your first time writing. Bring your enthusiasm and we will take it from there.