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Come on in my friend, and get yourself a nice cup of coffee or tea! Time to look back and wrap up of everything that happened on the site this past week, running from January 20th of 2018 until January 27th of 2019.

The weekly news highlights what happened on this past week. If you are pressed for time during the week (aren’t we all, these days? 🙄you will find everything you need to know in this weekly wrap up!

This past week’s reviews:

Three reviews were published this week:

Featured Series/ Editorials

Welcome Ben

A new writer was added to our team, Ben. A Pharmacy Manager in the south of England who, with three kids, still finds time to game and write. His own blog TheBenAlder is a testament to that!

Indie Highlights Switch

This week  another Indie Highlights video was released from Nintendo. It covers several upcoming indie games coming to Nintendo Switch as well as a few new ones. Paige talks us through them.

Memory Museum

A new featured series on Memory Museum. Our earliest gaming memories to the backdrop of what was happening in our personal life and what was happening in the world back then! Serenabelina takes us along to her youth renting Joe & Mac on the SNES as much as her momma allowed: Memory Museum: Joe & Mac

YvoCaro Plays

In the series YvoCaro Plays (my unedited gaming thoughts) I talk about my need to see how long I’ve played a game, and my drive to finally get a win in Civilization VI. Check out the article here. By the way, the culture victory was finally mine on turn 470!

Civilization Guide

in the series Civilization Guide for Beginners ChamZen takes a look at the second batch of world leaders and gives some additional tips.

From Steam to Switch

The series From Steam to Switch features a game that is already confirmed for the Switch. I supported the game on Kickstarter so I can’t wait for it to finally make it on Nintendo’s console. You can read about the game here.

And that’s our week in hindsight. Thank you for reading, and a hope you have a good week ahead!



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