NewsLetter 19-2021

Hello there, my dear Patron! Nice to see you here in our latest Newsletter looking back at all that happened on the site since then, starting May 17th until May 23rd of 2021.

So if you haven’t had time to read in the past weeks, here’s all that was published, all wrapped in a nice package. So get yourself a cup of coffee (or tea of course), kick back and enjoy!


Backworlds Review (Nintendo Switch) – Two Thumbs Up

Puzzle Platformer (US $9.99 | UK £7.39 | EU € 8,27)

PaulaAs someone who enjoys a good well thought out puzzle game, Backworlds ticks all my gaming boxes. Backworlds has intuitive controls, a great soundtrack, and is pleasant to look at and really fun to play. The puzzles are really inventive, requiring some lateral thinking without being impossibly difficult, and are never tedious.

All fans of the puzzle genre should try out Backworlds, I definitely recommend it on its new home, the Nintendo Switch!

Backworlds LadiesGamers

Subnautica: Below Zero Review (Switch) – We Like It a Lot

Adventure (US $29.99 | UK £24.99 | EU € 24,99)

James: Subnautica: Below Zero is easily one of the best survival games I have played on Switch. Whilst a small initial barrier to entry, it’s hard not to get captivated by the world above and below the water.

If you haven’t been keen on survival games before this may not turn your head again. But if you’re looking for an underwater adventure like no other Below Zero is well worth going out in the cold for.

LadiesGamers: Below Zero

Children of Zodiarcs Review (Nintendo Switch) – We Like It a Lot

Strategy Board game (US $17.99 | UK £15.99| EU € 17,99)

CJ: Children of Zodiarcs is a strategy RPG with a clever system that I find endlessly entertaining.  It’s challenging enough to involve some grinding and the story and characters are interesting, even though I’m not finding them to be very complex.

Instead, it’s the combination of dice customization and deck building systems that really makes Children of Zodiarcs stand out. I love upgrading my dice to increase the chances of a better roll. Frankly, I’ve barely touched the deck building aspect yet because I am so involved in managing the dice! I have spent hours in a single day (a rarity for me unless it’s Fire Emblem) grinding my characters to build their stats while listening to podcasts, and I can definitely say it’s been a blast.

Children of the Zodiarcs. LadiesGamers The deck builder screen. It shows the latest upgrade to one of my cards.

Guards Review – We Like It a Lot

Puzzle Adventure (US $4.99 | UK £4.49 | EU € 4,99)

James: If you’re looking for something to play in short bursts and like your board games, then Guards is well worth venturing into the fantasy realm for. It could use a little more depth to its mechanics but at such a modest price point it’s hard not to recommend this simple turn-based adventure.

It got its hooks into me and I have to say I very much enjoyed coming back to this again and again.

LadiesGamers Guards

Before We Leave Review – We Like It a Lot

Strategy Simulation ( US $15.99 | UK £15.99| EU €13,49)

PaulaThe non-violent aspects of Before We Leave won’t suit every strategy fan, especially those who enjoy a good war strategy. For those that enjoy exploration and resource management mixed with some strategic thinking, Before We Leave fits the bill!

At the moment Before We Leave is a decent strategy game. With future updates to the game and the possibility for more exploring and juggling resources, this is one for strategists to keep an eye on.

Before we leave LadiesGamers
Cold and snowy land

Rise Eterna Review – We Like It

Strategy RPG (US $19.99 | UK £17.99 | EU € 19,99)

Paula: Rise Eterna certainly does not reinvent the wheel. Unfortunately, this applies to the story as well as the overall gameplay, which uses genre standards rather than breaking new ground.

However, if you have a hankering for an old school classic tactical RPG, then Rise Eterna could just be the game for you.

Rise Eterna LadiesGamers

Rift Racoon Review (Nintendo Switch) – We’re not Sure

Action Platformer (US $4.99 | UK £4.49 | EU € 4,99)

James: Rift Racoon was not the fun raccoon platformer I was expecting it to be. Even at a modest price point, it’s hard to recommend this game even as a coffee title. There are far better difficult but rewarding platformers out there in the gaming ether. But unless you have an obsession with raccoons and games that make you want to throw your Switch down the stairs you may want to approach this with caution.

LadiesGamers Rift Racoon

Invirium Review – We’re not Sure

Action Arcade (US $7.99 | UK £7.19 | EU € 7,99)

James: I love the premise of Invirum and with some patching and work, I can see this becoming quite the entertaining roguelike game to play in short bursts. It’s just not that game yet and I don’t think it should have been released in the current state it’s in on Switch. Buy with caution at this stage.

I will keep an eye on Ivirum over the next few months and update my review once the patches start rolling in.

LadiesGamers Invirium

Editorials and News

Monthly Q&A: The World of Visual Novels

Patrons Tier 2 and 3

Time for a Q&A with our editors team. CJ and Yvonne take a good look at Visual Novels and Otome game in particular. Have fun reading!

Q&A Patreon

Ladies in Gaming Biz: Kate at MMPR

The name LadiesGamers isn’t chosen randomly, our name sort of gives it away: even when our writers and readers are of different genders, we especially welcome female gamers. After all, that’s how the site started: with the views of an older woman on the world of gaming. And for a couple of years now there are two older ladies at the helm!

We feel it’s time to give women that work in the gaming industry a podium. A lot of avid gamers would probably love to have a job in the industry themselves and we think it’s especially important to encourage girls in particular to go for their dream job.

So time for a new series of articles, featuring ladies who are working in the gaming business! And Kate, working at Michael Meyers Public Relations is the first!

Ladies in Gaming Biz

YvoCaro Plays: Sword Art Online

Early Access for all Patrons

YvoCaro Plays LadiesGamers

Late to the party, I know. But seeing Sword Art Online on Netflix I just had to give the game a try on Switch…did it go well?

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