NewsLetter 20-2021

Hello there, my dear Patron! Nice to see you here in our latest Newsletter looking back at all that happened on the site since then, starting May 24th until May 30th of 2021.

So if you haven’t had time to read in the past weeks, here’s all that was published, all wrapped in a nice package. So get yourself a cup of coffee (or tea of course), kick back and enjoy!


Very Very Valet Review – We Like It a Lot

Party Action game (US $29.99 | UK £24.99 | EU € 24,99)

JamesVery Very Valet does an impressive job of creating a fun casual game that can be enjoyed by gamers of all skill levels. While playable alone this is a game best enjoyed with up to four other people, especially if someone needs cheering up. Improvements could be made to the content but it’s hard not to crack a smile at the silliness on display. A great start to a new IP.

What’s easy to say in this review is Very Very Valet is very very good.

LadiesGamers Very Very Valet

Long Ago: A Puzzle Tale Review – We Like It a Lot

Puzzle game (US $9.99  | UK £8.99 | EU € 9,99)

PaulaThere is plenty of stages to complete with 80 puzzles across five chapters and two different modes, there is a lot to keep you busy. As each new chapter adds unique game mechanics it keeps it fresh and interesting.

Be prepared for a few hair-pulling frustrating moments. This is not an easy game, just don’t pull too hard as it hurts!

Long Ago: A Puzzle Tale LadiesGamers

Wonder Boy Asha in Monster World Review – We Like It a Lot

Action Adventure (US $34.99 | UK £31.49 | EU € 34,99)

James: Asha in Monster World is a good remake that maintains the heart and soul of the original whilst adding a few quality of life improvements for good measure.

If you are a fan of the 2D adventure genre or are a fan of the Wonder Boy series and somehow missed out on this game the first time, this is well worth picking up. As a fan of the series myself, it’s great to see it continue to thrive on modern systems.

LadiesGames Asha in Monster World

Rise of the Slime Review – We Like It

Roguelike Strategy Deckbuilder (US $14.99 | UK £12.99 | EU € 13,99)

Elena: I just hope that later updates will introduce more content, such as new enemy abilities. Or at least improve the user interface. The thing Spire did well with UI was to provide, through tooltips, all the information you might need to make a good decision. In Slime, informative tooltips weren’t always there to remind me of what certain terms meantor, they were partially blocked by something else on-screen. Card and button selection could also be better highlighted on certain screens. If I could ask for just one “small” improvement, though, it would be a larger font size.

I haven’t played long enough to settle on a definitive verdict, but for now, I can say this: Slushy the Great is still a long way from greatness, but the potential and groundwork is there. I’m keen to see how it develops over time with further updates.

LadiesGamers Rise of the Slime

 Rabisco+ Review – We Like It

Adventure Arcade Puzzle (US $4.99 | UK £4.99 | EU € 4,99)

James: Rabisco+ is quite a cute little puzzle game, with two to three hours of gameplay. Its level of difficulty would really be down to how good your timing is as most of the obstacles are timed. For the few pounds, it costs in the eShop it would pass a few hours. Though there are better puzzle games out there for the same price!

Rabisco LadiesGamers

Klondike Solitaire Collection Review – We Like It

Board Game Puzzle (US $5.79 | UK £4.39 | EU € 5,79)

James: Klondike Solitaire Collection is a decent collection of classic card games that controls well but does the bare minimum to make itself stand out. The core deep and entertaining card experience is here but whether that’s enough is up to you. For a reasonable price point, one can’t deny you get value for your money here for one of the most iconic card games that will still exist years from now.

LadiesGamers Klondike Collection

Editorials and News

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Ladies in Gaming Biz

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