NewsLetter 25-2021

Hello there, my dear Patron! Nice to see you here in our latest Newsletter looking back at all that happened on the site since then, starting June 21st until June 27th of 2021.

So if you haven’t had time to read in the past weeks, here’s all that was published, all wrapped in a nice package. So get yourself a cup of coffee (or tea of course), kick back and enjoy!


Labyrinth City: Pierre the Maze Detective Review – Two Thumbs Up

Adventure Puzzle (US $9.95 | UK £10.79 | EU € 9,95)

PaulaLabyrinth City: Pierre the Maze Detective is a fantastic game that perfectly represents the books it is based on. An amazing and delightful game to play with young children with the family gathered around the computer screen. In saying that, it is not exclusive as a family game, I played the game on my own and had a blast with it, so it is suitable for all ages to play and enjoy. I highly recommend becoming Pierre the detective and join the hunt for Mr X.

Labyrinth City: Pierre the Maze Detective LadiesGamers

LEGO Builder’s Journey Review – Two Thumbs Up

Puzzle Adventure (US $19.99 | UK £17.99 | EU € 19,99)

Paula: LEGO Builder’s Journey is a well thought out puzzle game, with a wonderful art style. It is an absolute delight to play. It is aimed at all fans of LEGO but it has a really grown up puzzle feel to it too. I hope we see more of this style of game from the LEGO brand in future. Also with the LEGO in the game and not all over the floor (no, I didn’t do that as a child) you can’t step on those Lego pieces and leave a brick imprint on your foot.

LEGO Builder’s Journey LadiesGamers

Griftlands Review – Two Thumbs Up

Strategy Card game Deckbuilder (US £19.99 | UK £11.99 | EU € 13,29)

Elena: Among roguelike deck builders, Griftlands is an ambitious one. But it actually pulls off those ambitions. The gameplay is unique, combining a two-deck system with a relationship system. Visuals, sound, and controls get one thumbs-up, while the writing gets two thumbs. Even run-of-the-mill conversations have a spark of wit, or at least a dash of snark. More importantly, it’s fun to play (though there’s lots of terminology to digest at first) and enough reason to replay on a higher difficulty if you love a good challenge. At $19.99, this is seriously a steal.

LadiesGamers Griftlands

Ynglet Review – We Like It a Lot

Adventure Action (UK £5.79 | US $4.99 | EU € 5,93)

JamesYnglet is an ideal game to pick up if you’re looking for a relaxing gaming experience, with a beautiful soothing soundtrack and striking art style. If you’re looking for that good Zen gaming experience after a hard day’s work or you just need to dial down those stress levels for a bit, Ynglet is a gaming meditation session worth playing.

LadiesGamers Ynglet

Super Magbot Review – We Like It a Lot

Action Platformer (US $17.99 | UK £14.99 | EU € 17,99)

James: If you like your challenging platformers Super Magbot comes highly recommended. A unique magnetic hook that stands out from the crowd with a memorable score to boot. Not for the players looking for a relaxing experience so in a fitting way there are aspects that will repel people away but for the most part, there are reasons to be attracted to Super Magbot.

LadiesGamers Super Magbot

Out of Line Review – We Like It a Lot

Action Platformer (UK £10.29 | US $11.69 | EU € 9,71)

James: Out of Line is a beautiful hand-drawn adventure. The game may be short but I see this being very appealing to busy gamers who don’t have a lot of time on their hands and want to see a game to its conclusion.

The formula here may be familiar but with a unique art style, enjoyable puzzles and well-crafted gameplay Out of Line is an experience well worth your time.

LadiesGamers Out of Line

Bear’s Restaurant Review – We Like It a Lot

Adventure Simulation (US $12.99 | UK £11.99 | EU € 12,99)

Yvonne: Bear’s Restaurant is a game about loss, regrets, redemption and death. But it’s also about the power of love that will conquer it all. This is no relaxing and laid back story, but one that will make you sad. It will stay with you for a long time, particularly because of the beautiful ending.

If you like story-driven games and aren’t afraid to explore deeper feelings, then give Bear’s Restauranta try. It’s available on mobile where you can try the first part for free, unlocking the rest and the sequel story, The Nihility, being a paywall. The Nintendo Switch version has everything included!

It feels strange to measure how much you like such a sad story, but the way the developer manages to bring such a deep story in a relatively simple way is pretty amazing.

Bear's Restaurant

Piczle Cells Review – We Like It a Lot

Puzzle (US $4.99 | UK £4.49 | EU € 4,99)

Paula: It took me at least the first ten levels of Piczle Cells to get my head around how the game works. Then along came the levels with walls and obstacles and I was lost again. Having the ability to rewind your moves cuts down the frustration that a wrong move may cause. It also stopped me from doing damage to my Switch. Piczle Cells offers puzzlers an enjoyable and challenging goopy experience.

Piczle Cells LadiesGamers

Subnautica Review – We Like It a Lot

Survival Adventure (US $29.99 | UK £24.49 | EU €29,99)

CJ: Subnautica is a challenging and gorgeous game. I love finding new creatures, and they even change with the in-game “seasons”. Frankly, I can’t see how this game could possibly get boring since I am enjoying myself so much, and because I have a lot of story and environment left to discover,

I have decided to do a short series of articles as I continue playing through this title. Look for upcoming “Summer in Subnautica” articles if you want to follow my underwater journey!

Subnautica. A pod lying on the ocean floor. It is broken and empty.

A Little Lily Princess Switch Review – We Like It

Puzzle (US $14.99 | UK £11.99 | EU € 12,99)

CJ: I had my doubts when I started, but this game has played out in a satisfying manner. My time with this title has been enjoyable and well-spent. The adaption text reads very much like books I read in my youth that were set in this time period, but with very light romantic overtones. Overall, this is a pleasant way to spend a day or two on the Switch.

A Little Lily Princess. The menu showing the different routes. There are 6 possible routes in this title.

Farm for your Life Review – We Like It

Simulation Adventure (US $19.99 | UK £17.99 | EU € 19,99)

Paula: Farm for your Life is an interesting take on the farming simulation genre. It is slow to start, so don’t expect to go rushing through the roughly six-hour story mode in the game. If you like farming simulation games with added zombies, fruit ninja mini-games or just looking for a game that is different to mix things up a bit in your gaming then check out Farm for your Life.

Farm For Your Life LadiesGamers

Mythic Ocean Review – We Like It

Adventure (US $14.99 | UK £12.99 | EU € 14,99)

CJ: Mythic Ocean has some interesting things to say about the societies we can build and the ways in which we interact with each other. Unfortunately, I found the journey to those conversations to be unnecessarily drawn out at times by touchy controls and characters I couldn’t find easily. I also found myself a bit bored by some of the random sea creature interactions, even though most of them are clever and quirky.

Despite the issues I had with some of the controls and settings, and the excessive wandering I had to do on occasion, Mythic Ocean has a lot going for it storywise and I really got into helping the gods through their dilemmas and influencing the creation of a new world. My first world didn’t turn out the way I’d hoped, so this game has me hooked for at least one more playthrough, but there will probably be more. A demo is currently available in the Nintendo eShop, so try it out for yourself!

Mythic Ocean. A shallow oceanic scene. Fish, seaweed, and turtles can be seen.

Skellboy Refractured Review – We Like It

Action Adventure (US $20.00 | UK £18.00 | EU € 20,00)

James: In general, I quite liked SkellboyRefractured. It has its fair share of niggles from flimsy combat and difficulty finding the next quest. But with each fault, I often found a fair few things to laugh at. If a game can make you smile despite its faults I see that as a success. A funny adventure worth trying alone or with a friend or loved one.

 LadiesGamers Skellboy

Beasts of Maravilla Island Review – We Like It

Adventure (US $9.99 | UK £ 7.19 | EU € 7,99)

Paula: Beasts of Maravilla Island is an entertaining romp through a magical island. Taking photos of the wildlife is fun. It is a game that any age group from the youngest to the oldest would enjoy playing, though for now I would advise playing the game on PC. At least until the kinks are ironed out of the Nintendo Switch version of Maravilla Island. This is also reflected in my score which would have been I Like It A Lot, had the game performed better on my Switch.

Beasts of Maravilla Island LadiesGamers

Dungeons of Clay Review – We’re Not Sure

Action Arcade (US $6.99 | UK £6.29 | EU € 6,99)

James: Dungeons of Clay has some good ideas but in its current state, the game is let down by slow gameplay and a plethora of bugs that make it hard to recommend in its current state. Maybe better later but it’s not there yet.

LadiesGamers Dungeons of Clay

Scampr Review – We’re Not Sure

Adventure (UK £2.89  | US $3.99 | EU € 3,29)

James: Scampr to me feels like someone’s portfolio project to help them get a job in the game industry. If that is the case they certainly deserve that job. Scampr has a lot of good ideas in it. But it doesn’t fully form into a complete experience. More just feeling like a proof of concept for possibly something better later. But with rough performance issues and generally little content, this won’t be for everyone. For its ridiculously cheap price, it’s certainly tempting to have a go but there’s not a lot of game here, just a very peculiar squirrel walking simulator.

LadiesGamers Scampr

StarScraper Review – We Don’t Like It

Simulation Strategy (US $19.99 | UK £15.49 | EU € 16,79)

Paula: StarScraper in my opinion needs more work before it is worthy of the $19.99 price tag it has. I do think that some more development of the game will improve it and maybe added some scenarios would help too. The game currently feels unfinished and the camera likes to float off into the clouds. At it is now I can’t recommend StarScraper, and the price tag just isn’t justified.

StarScraper LadiesGamers

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