Next big update for Stardew Valley is close

The next update for Stardew Valley on the Switch is close, it has been submitted to Nintendo. And not only close, it’s huge too. Tiyuri of Chucklefish Games detailed the upcoming patch on Twitter.

”The SDV Switch patch has been submitted to Nintendo. Faster saving, crash on sleep fixes, fixed prairie king controls, fixed static sound from left speaker, fixed some UI issues, video recording and more.

I must say that I don’t have any trouble with static sounds or crashes. Yes, the saving takes some time, but it gives me a nice reprieve between two play days. Because like always in farming sims, I tend to run around town trying to get everything done. Still, updates are always welcome. The new features include video capture, which is currently only supported by first-party titles. Should be fun!

Added to that, we know the multiplayer mode is still underway too. Creator of Stardew Valley, Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone, tweeted: 

This update won’t include multiplayer, that’s not expected until the end of the year. Still, expectations are that the Switch will be the first console to get the Beta version of multiplayer. Now, wouldn’t that be nice? It’s said that you will be able to play with a maximum of three friends. My friends could help me catch some much needed fish to finish the community centre!

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