Nintendo (3)DS Games, never released in the West

Some years ago I had my own website about gaming. Happy times, I had some good lady friends from all over the world that contributed to the site. And I had a lot of fun keeping up with all the Nintendo news that I could find, and put it on the site. Real life intruded, so in the end the website slowly petered out. It occurred to me that I put up information about announced games way back then, that never made it to the West.

One of those games was Fantasy Life, a game that was announced in 2009 for the DS. Comparisons were made to Animal Crossing and Rune Factory, two of my favorites, so that got my attention. The fact that it was made by Level 5 ( well know for it’s Professor Layton games) in collaboration with Brownie Brown, and the screen shots were promising.
As the name suggests, the game is all about having a Fantasy Life as you take up one of twenty professions including lumberjack, chef, postman, treasure hunter and entertainer. You can play the game in any way you want to. Different professions will result in different outcomes; taking up a role as an entertainer will see you hanging out with other thespians, while being a treasure hunter will obviously see you seeking out riches.

The game was delayed when they decided it should be for the 3DS, but it’s been a huge success since it was released in Japan in December 2012. Ever since then I’ve been eagerly awaiting it’s localization for the West. The name has been trademarked here, but that’s all, no news on a release. So I decided to bite the bullet, and see if I could play it in Japanese. I’ll keep you posted!


  1. I have to admire a lady that takes the “bull by the horns,” so to speak – so, hats off to you for your gaming ambition, and trying to learn Japanese. B-) I’ve always been fascinated by Japanese culture and very much hope one day to visit this country that blends the ancient & the modern. I’ve yet to attempt learning the language, though, so I’m impressed, Yvonne! That said, if my son’s knack for learning new ones is any indication, though, perhaps there’s hope for me, after all. ^_^

  2. Wouldn’t that be wonderful, Yvonne?? What an amazing experience it would be. I hope to be as dedicated as you, and commit to learning (some) of it. ^_^

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