Nintendo and DeNA alliance brings Nintendo IP to mobile

Today there was important and unexpected news from Nintendo. In a press conference Mr. Iwata revealed that they have formed a business and capital alliance with DeNA. DeNA is a company with about 2.000 employees with headquarters in Tokyo, and it owns Mobage mobile gaming service. DeNa partnered in 2012 with Disney to work on Disney games for mobile devices.

Nintendo and DeNA will develop and operate new game apps for smart devices that are based on Nintendo IP. It’s made clear that it could be any IP, no exceptions. But Iwata was quick to assure us that there won’t be any porting of WiiU or 3Ds games to mobile. We are talking about new games and apps here, specifically built for mobiles. Furthermore they will build a new multi-device membership service. It will be a service that’s accessible from smart devices, PC and Nintendo systems. It’s expected to lauch this fall, and it will replace Club Nintendo. Both companies get share in each other’s capital: Nintendo gets 10% in shares of DeNA, DeNa gets 1,25% of the share of Nintendo’s capital.

Just to make it clear that Nintendo isn’t abandoning its dedicated gaming consoles, news was added about the next dedicated hardware platform, as proof that Nintendo maintains its strong enthusiasm for its core business. They didn’t tell us much more, just that it’s called Codename NX, and we should get more info next year. What’s interesting though is the info that’s left out: will it be a replacement for the WiiU, for the 3DS, or will it be a device that replaces both in one go?

Some time ago I wrote about the Nintendo apps that I would like to see on my mobile, to tie my gaming to my mobile. (Here) As far as I’m concerned, this is good news! I’m really looking forward to see what they come up with!


  1. I like the news. I don’t think I will spend money on the mobile games, but it will spread the Nintendo brand to a bunch of users who don’t own the company’s systems. It might end up boosting their handheld and home console sales.

    1. I agree. And I do see the benefit of having apps that enhance the game you are playing. Like for instance, uploading you favorite Pokemon to your mobile to level it up by waking. Like a Pokewalker.

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