Nintendo Badge Arcade is downloadable for free

While the release of the Japanese Badge Center was a fairly big affair a year ago, the Badge Arcade has come to the Nintendo eShop without much fanfare. Have you already downloaded it? You should, it’s free and it really is a nice app, even if you don’t want to spend much money on it. It allows you to decorate you Home menu the way you see fit, and really personalize it this way.

imageUsing the badge-catcher crane you can get badges to decorate your Home screen with, putting the badges in between your game icons, or decorating your folders with them. You should be aware of course that the temptation is there to spend real money in the badge-catcher crane machine, just as it is putting money in real life catcher cranes. Five plays cost you $1, and that can go more quickly then you like. At least you can start the game with five free plays. And the game offers free plays from time to time too, so it pays to subscribe to their notifications.

3DS, icons, homescreen, collectionNot only can you find badges in this app, but often you can get the exclusive home screens too. They are available in the Theme Shop, where you will find home themes that go well with the badges, but they are only available if you buy a set number of plays. For instance, the first special theme available is Mario themed that you will get for free if you purchase 10 free plays, so for $2.

You can share the way you’ve decorated your home menu in MiiVerse directly in the Badge app. Nice for the creative fans! All in all its a nice app, even if there a micro transactions at its core.


  1. Thanks for the tip!
    I tried it out, not really good at it though…
    You have to try out the ‘try out’/ practice function.
    You can play 5 times every day, but you can not win real badges.
    But if you are lucky, one of the ‘fake badges’ you win is special and as a reward you can play a game ‘for real’ (for free).
    I don’t want to spent any money on this, but if i return every day, maybey i can collect enough to make a nice (hopefully animal crossing) home menu!
    Good luck with the crane machine’s everyone!

    1. Perseverance is the ticket it think! With the Spotpass notifications you can just pop in to get the free goodies available, and that’s what I intend to do!

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