Nintendo Direct: Okami HD for Switch!!

Well, that was a surprise: only two days before the date, a Nintendo Direct was announced. Always exiting, always hoping for that one snippet of amazing news.

And I wasn’t entirely disappointed. I had hoped for news of Animal Crossing Switch, like I have done for a year now. And when the last snippet came, wait for it…one last video….I hoped again. But no….I know a lot of you are glad about Super Smash Bros, but really guys: where is Animal Crossing Switch???

Anyway, like I said, I wasn’t entirely disappointed: Remember how I mentioned Okami HD was getting a remake on the PS4 that released late 2017? I was hoping for an announcement for the Switch too, but it didn’t come. What was hopeful though is that Capcom was getting serious about the Switch with a promise of Ace Attorney and “more games”.

I didn’t expect it now though, but there it was: Okami HD will come to the Switch this Summer, but only as a downloadable game in the eShop. Apparently keeping my fingers crossed has helped. I played Okamiden back then on the DS, and was totally smitten with the game. Playing Okami I will return to an amazing world again, really looking forward to this one.

When you play the game in handheld mode on the Switch, you’ll use the touch screen to use the Celestial Brush. If you love a good adventure with a great storyline, and enjoy beautiful visuals in Japanese style, this is your game.


  1. I think the touch controls will work well for Okami. Shame that the game never came to Vita because it seems perfect for that system. No news on Animal Crossing for Switch may be a case of Nintendo wanting fans of the franchise to focus on spending cash on the mobile title.

    1. You may have a point there, about AC for Switch. I’ve been seriously annoyed about it all day though. How many games can they bring that have Mario in them in one form or other?

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