Nintendo Direct – September 2019

The latest Nintendo Direct has aired on the 4th of September. It showcased a fair few new games, as well as more information about previously announced games. You can watch it here:

Let’s see what was featured!

Overwatch, Luigi’s Mansion 3 and a new Kirby!

Overwatch, for Nintendo Switch has been confirmed. Bringing team first person shooter action for portable play. The Switch port will have gyro controls. It will release on the 15th of October.

Some new information was shared about Luigi’s Mansion 3. Showing off the Tomb Suites floor of the hotel. A new mode, Scream Park which is a multiplayer team game. One team are Luigis and the other, Gooigis to get the most points in a few different games. Up to eight players on the one Nintendo Switch system can play this game which is great. It launches on October 31st, Halloween.

A new “free-to-start” Kirby game is launching today. In it you will equip yourself with gear and weapons to take on a specific enemy. A total of four players can play together, either on the same, multiple systems or online.

Trials of Mana, Obra Dinn and Little Town Hero

The remake of Trials of Mana got some more footage. This is the third game in the action rpg Mana series. It will release on April 24th 2020. The game is also available in it’s original form on the Nintendo Switch through the Collection of Mana.

Indie game Obra Dinn is in an interesting black and white style. You use the Mometem Morum pocket watch to discover what happened to the dead crew of a long missing ship. It will release in Autumn this year.

Little Town Hero is GameFreak’s latest IP. The townsfolk obey the rule of never leaving town, however monsters start to attack. It appears to use a unique rpg combat system, and you can move around the map to gain advantages in combat. Little Town Hero features music by Undertale creator Toby Fox. It will release on October 16th!

Super Smash Bros. News!

The third DLC character, Banjo and Kazooie, will release today! A video on how to play Banjo and more Smash Bros. information started after the direct aired.

The latest character to be added as DLC will be Terry Bogard, the main character of SNK’s Fatal Fury series. Unfortunately the latest character being from SNK was already leaked through a music listing. However it is nice to see that it is Terry. Hopefully he will get a female alt. As in the game SNK Heroines, he gets a female appearance. He is expected for a November release.

It is also confirmed that additional DLC fighters past the five in the fighters pack. Which is great news.

New Mii Fighter costumes were announced, those being, Goemon, Proto Man, Zero, Team Rocket and Sans from Undertale. Sans will come with a remix, which appears to be of Megalovania.

Link’s Awakening, Dragon Quest XI S and Tokyo Mirage Sessions

A little more footage of the Link’s Awakening remake was shown. The chamber dungeon mode, shown off at E3 is given more detail. Not only do you place down floors from previous dungeons, but you can add new elements such as bombs spawning. These can be saved to amiibos from the Zelda series, to share your creations with friends. Meaning it is unlikely there is online sharing. Personally that seems pretty pointless as you could just bring your Switch over and let your friend play it. The game releases on September 20th along with the new Link amiibo.

Dragon Quest XI S gets a mention. You can play the demo from the e-shop now and read my impressions of it here. It will release on the 27th of September. In the Japanese Direct it was announced that the first three Dragon Quest games will be available for purchase on the same day. Hopefully they will get a release for other regions as well.

Tokyo Mirage Sessions, previously a Wii U exclusive is getting ported to Nintendo Switch. It originally  began as a crossover between Shin Megami Tensei and Fire Emblem. It features game play akin to that of an SMT game, and Performas based on Fire Emblem characters. The Switch port will have a new song, and some story characters will now be playable.  Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯Fe Encore will release on January 17th next year.

Deadly Premonition, Divinity: Original Sin 2 and Doom 64

A sequel to Deadly Premonition was announced. A horror game with a very unique tone. It will release 2020, the original game is arriving on the e-shop today.

Divinity: Original Sin 2 Definitive Edition comes out for the Switch today. This is a role playing game based on the western computer rpg style. It will have cross saves between Steam and Nintendo Switch, as well as co-operative online play for up to four people. Unfortunately the sudden drop of a full price game means I won’t be able to pick it up for some time.

Doom 64 is releasing on the Nintendo Switch e-shop on November 22nd. This game was actually developed by Midway games making it slightly different from the first two games. I’m concerned about this release date as Doom Eternal, which was announced for the Switch, is releasing on other platforms on that date. Looks like it might be a little while until the Switch version of it.

Rogue Company, Pokemon Curry and  SNES Games on Switch

A new game, Rogue Company, will release in 2020. It appears to be a co-operative online third person shooter. Various objectives and modes will exist and are yet to be announced.

More information for the upcoming Pokemon Sword and Shield games was revealed. Starting with more character customisation, including outerwear and hairstyles. Pokemon Camp is the new way to play with your Pokemon by taking a rest at a campsite. In the Wild area you can visit other players camps. In the Galar region curry on rice is popular. This is the new cooking mini game for this entry in the series. Over 100 different kinds of curry can be cooked! Two new Pokemon were revealed.

Polteageist a tea based Pokemon, and Cramorant a water type bird Pokemon. This one has a unique ability which gives it a catch in it’s mouth after certain moves. With it, it can counter attack. Pokemon Sword and Shield release on November 15th this year.

Nintendo Switch Online has been out for a year. Now Super Nintendo games will be added as a bonus for members. Like the NES games on Switch, these have local and online play as well as the rewind feature. Twenty games are releasing on September 6th with more to be added each month. Super Nintendo controllers for the Switch will be available for members to purchase, these ones can be charged with a USB plug.

Tetris 99 ver. 2.0, Mario & Sonic and a DaemonxMachina demo.

Tetris 99 is getting a free update. Invictus mode will be available for those who have achieved Tetris Maximus status for those players to compete against each other. Daily missions are being added and you can clear them to earn themes and player icons. New paid DLC, such as 2 Player share mode and local arena will arrive too. This update releases on September 5th.

Showing off news that you may have seen at Gamescon. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, will release on the 8th of November. Featuring over twenty events such as Karate and Skateboarding. A story mode will be included which may feature the 2D games.

DaemonxMachina, a Switch exclusive mech shooter game is releasing on September 13th. Before that a new prologue demo with save carry over will launch on the e-shop. In the prologue you can test out multi-system co-op in local wireless. You can see my impressions of the first demo here.

Star Wars and a Sizzle Reel

Star Wars Jedi Knight II a GameCube era action game will release on Nintendo Switch on September 24th.

Previously announced games also got some showing. Such as Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Complete Edition, which will release on the 15th of October. The Assasin’s Creed Rebel Collection containing Black Flag and Rogue will release on the 6th of December. It will have new features such as touch control and motion aiming. Dauntless, free-to-play, monster hunting game is coming to the Switch sometime in the future.

Animal Crossing New Horizons and Xenoblade Chronicles

A new video on the upcoming Animal Crossing game was part of the direct. Most of what was shown wasn’t particularly new but did cover some features shown off during the TreeHouse presentation at E3. They showed an explanation of the crafting system and Nook Miles information. The local play that was show, can actually have four people on the same Switch at once, if they all have characters saved to the island. Eating appears to be what gives you the ability to shovel up trees to replant. Making food have a purpose outside of gifts and bell earning. It will release on the 20th of March next year.

Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition was revealed for the Switch at the end of the Direct. It was originally a Nintendo Wii game but was also ported to the New Nintendo 3DS. This is a massive RPG and appears to have gotten a visual update. For those interested it will be nice to have access to the game with better visuals. As the Wii game is a bit of a collector’s item.


Was there anything in the direct that excited you? What are you looking forward to this year? Remember to check out our list of upcoming games for this month, here.

While I usually don’t keep my hopes up, there wasn’t much for me at this Direct. Still games such as Panzer Dragoon and Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance don’t have dates for this year. However I have a new Kirby game to try out, another demo to play and a game for January.




  1. I’m super excited that Xenoblade Chronicles is coming to the switch! I was so hoping for it! One of my all time favorites.
    If they take Xenoblade Chronicles X from the WiiU to the Switch too, and maybe make a big Xenoblade special limited edition bundle, all my Xenoblade dreams come true!

    I’m currently addicted to Stardew Valley again.
    I bought ‘My Time at Portia’ and started it, but it didn’t immediately draw me in, and I was a bit annoyed about the long loading times.
    I started to think about Stardew Valley and how great it was and decided to give it another go. I wanted to continue my previous game, but as I expected, it didn’t really feel mine anymore, so I started over.
    I don’t feel very good at the time, so I think a known game is more comforting right now.
    I definitely want to try ‘My Time at Portia’ again later.

    When I started my new game in Stardew Valley I choose to be a boy by accident.
    I look like a girl, but everyone keeps calling me boy and lad, so I think I didn’t pay enough attention when making my character.
    I don’t mind that much and I think it’s very open minded that I can still choose to marry one of boys if I want to.
    But does anyone know what happens with having children if 2 guys marry? Do you adopt?

    1. That’s good! Personally I don’t seem to like the Xenoblade games much.

      Yeah I think the prompt for wanting kids is asking if you want to adopt.

    2. Lol, when I heard in the Direct that Xenoblade was coming to the Switch, I immediately thought of you. I know how much you love that game!
      Sometimes life works like that. If you are worried about something or experiencing some difficult times, a well known game can feel like an old friend. Same for me with books. I’m not always in the mood for a new story. Revisiting old books that I love is so soothing!

      1. Haha, yes, very recognizable Yvonne. I’m currently re reading my favorite series and I’m loving every second of it.
        It has 26 books, but I’m at 25 already, so the ‘Anita Blake party’ will end soon.

        Stardew Valley really makes me feel better right now and I’m doing better because of it. The power of the (positive) addiction!
        I changed my mind and started over (again) as a girl. But thanks anyway for answering the kids question Paige.

        I stopped playing the board game I posted about recently (The 7th Continent). I did feel the addictive feeling for a while, but couldn’t keep hold of it.
        I feel kind of bad that I payed more for the board game than a switch costs, and I still would rather play Stardew Valley.
        But my boyfriend says not to feel bad about it, and just do what I want to do at this moment (and what make me feel better right now)
        Well, that’s definitely Stardew Valley!

        1. Your boyfriend is absolutely right: use the gaming to give you positive energy. No use keeping on playing something that’s not clicking for you at the moment. You.l only end up not feeling better, only more resentful. If Stardew Valley does it for you, then just play on until you’re ready to move on to the next thing, it’s my motto: gaming where the mood takes me!

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