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Toy-Con 03: Vehicle Kit

Today Nintendo released a trailer for a new Labo Toy-Con set, that releases on the 14th of September. It is the Vehicle Kit, it comes with a Joy-Con holder, a pedal, a steering wheel, a joystick and a submarine device. Unlike the Variety Kit it appears that the software is one single game for multiple Toy-Cons. During play the Toy-Con can be changed to change the vehicle type. There is also at least one co-op mode with one driving and another shooting. The trailer is here:


Creators Contest


A week ago the Creators Contest for Nintendo Labo opened. This is the second round for America, but a few more regions are getting a contest too.

For Australia (and New Zealand) the categories are Decorated Toy-Con, Toy-Con Mod and Toy-Con Inventions. One Grand Prize winner per category will win the custom Labo Nintendo Switch. Five runners-up in each category will win a pair of custom Labo coloured Joy-Cons. Entries close September 7th 11:59pm. I’m working on my first entry this weekend.

As it’s the second round for America they have two different categories this time: Best Toy-Con Musical Instrument and Best Gaming Experience Using Toy-Con Garage. There will be three winners for both categories. The Grand Prize winners will receive a custom Nintendo Labo painted Switch, a jacket and a framed award. Two runners up from each category will earn custom a coloured Joy-Con pair and a jacket. Submissions close August 20th 10:59am PT.

For other regions please check your Nintendo website to see submission times, categories and terms and conditions. Kids aged eleven and under have a separate winning chance for the over twelve entrants. You can enter (for your region) as many times as you like, for any categories, but only win once.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Toy-Con Update

About a month ago there was an update for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. This enables the Toy-Con Motorbike to be used as a controller. Of course you can just hold the Joy-Cons in the right position to use it as well. This feature can be used in any mode. If you don’t want the Variety Kit but somehow want this then you can try your respective Nintendo eBay store for replacement parts. It also needs rubber bands and the sponge stickers so if you don’t buy that you have to find your own. Then you would need to figure out how to build it without the software instructions. Up to four players locally can play with the Toy-Con Motorbike.

I got my little sister to try it out first, to get photos. She liked it even less than the actual game that it’s made for. I can’t say I like it much either. I found it handled better at 150cc than lower speeds. It also does well in battle mode. I also found it better to play with the Switch in the dock than on the Motorbike. But to throw items backwards you have to use the left stick, which is annoying. You also can’t navigate the menus with the Joy-Cons in the Toy-Con, as it only recognises it during a race. That makes it more irritating as I have to remove the Joy-Cons out repeatedly. On the results screen it does give a similar icon to that of someone playing with motion controls. I definitely don’t recommend playing with this online.

Some people like to challenge themselves with ridiculous control schemes or limitations so this could work for that. Still it’s a nice idea and I hope more games will have Labo compatibility in the future.

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