Nintendo shares are on the rise!

Earlier this week Nintendo announced that it would be joining with DeNA in a new alliance to make use of the mobile market for gaming. Together they will be making new app games that are based on the well-known Nintendo IP. You will find the specifics of the venture here.

This news caused quite a stir, in the business world as well as in the gaming world. Dedicated Nintendo fans expressed their concern about several things. People were worried that Nintendo would focus solely on mobile gaming in the end, and would become one of many that make nondescript app games. Because in the eyes of the fans app gaming could never hope to be equal to gaming on a handheld or home console. They were afraid that Nintendo would abandon its own consoles in favor of just developing fast and more shallow app game adventures. Or they mentioned that the gaming market would be ruined by introducing micro transactions in their games, like the way they made first steps into that area with the last DenpaMen adventure (only released in Japan) or Pokémon Shuffle. Or they didn’t want to see their favorite game characters in mobile phone games.

On a business level the Nintendo shares rose, the market responded well to the announcements. Its shares shot up with more than 21% right after the news, and they achieved the best closing price for their stock since June 2011. And they are still doing extremely well.

I have been watching for a long time now to see what they would do with the mobile market, because with all the money that’s involved nowadays in app gaming, I do believe there’s no way that a company like Nintendo could just ignore it. I was worried that they would abandon their own consoles to pursue those big bucks in mobile gaming. And worried too that if they stuck to their business plan, if it would be only a matter of time to wait for a failing company. Because Nintendo didn’t manage to make the WiiU into a success, and saw a loss three years in a row. I was happy to hear the news, I think that Nintendo is making a smart move, and I’m glad that they have the intention to keep combining hardware development with software development. The new project with the codename NX is an exciting prospect. And on top of that, I have enough faith in the company to know that if there’s anyone who can make app gaming on a higher quality level, it will be Nintendo!

If you still have doubts, read this interview of Time with Satoru Iwata.

Maybe it will soothe your fears…

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