Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch combines consoles with handheld gaming. Perfect!

A couple of hours ago Nintendo presented their next generation in console gaming to the public. Finally! The rumours about the upcoming system, dubbed NX, where flying about for months now. But now we know a bit more: The Nintendo Switch will be released in March 2017.

This is from the official press release about Nintendo Switch:

When you have a Nintendo Switch at home, the system itself rests in a Nintendo Switch Dock. This is the device that connects to the TV, displays it on the screen, and offers a means of charging. Joy-Con controllers are the name for the controllers that can attach to a hub when at home, but separate and be attached to either side of the Nintendo Switch when it is in portable mode. The Joy-Con controllers can also be used by two people when it is in portable mode as well. Nintendo will also be offering a Switch Pro Controller, which doesn’t separate into Joy-Con controllers.

Nintendo SwitchNintendo felt the need to put an impressive list in the press release about the developers and publishers that will be supporting Switch. Is that an important sign to the industry that the new system will not be lacking in third party support, like the WiiU did?

My thoughts about Nintendo Switch

First of all, as a fervent handheld gamer I am super enthusiastic about this. I hardly ever play my WiiU, but I love gaming on the go. And it would seem this new system combines the best of both worlds. A nice big screen, controllers that you can unhook when you are travelling and can put the screen before you. Flexibility is key, you can play with a separate controller, use the controllers clicked to the screen when you use it as a handheld. Or you can click the side controllers off and use them separately. When you want to play on the big screen, the system just clicks in a sort of cradle. It effortlessly plays the console games without the need of hogging the television.

Although we have some info, all derived from the 3 minute video, a lot of questions remain. Will we be able to play 3DS games on the system? Either by physical cartridge or the games that you’ve downloaded to your account. If so, I’ll be the first to buy Switch, that would be so amazing.

Is Nintendo going after the tablet market, trying to get people back to a dedicated gaming console. But is the screen a touch screen? They didn’t show that in the video. Anyway, in true Nintendo fashion they are still keeping their cards close and making us wonder. The hype continues!

If you have missed it, here is the video introducing the Nintendo Switch:


  1. I already love this console/portable handheld. Coming from someone who prefers handheld consoles over home consoles, I normally have a hard time getting into console games, even if I’ve been playing more of them lately (Project Diva F2nd, Kingdom Hearts, and Okami in particular). But the Switch is a really awesome idea, a combination between a home console and a handheld. I could go on for days on how genius that is.

    Also excited for Zelda Wii U, the Splatoon port/sequel, and that Mario game they showed!

  2. I knew you’d be excited about this as a handheld gamer! I’m ecstatic about this news plan to pre-order the Nintendo Switch as soon as I can! The trailer sold me on the console/handheld hybrid system, and I look forward to playing console games on the go. Likewise, I’m also excited to see handheld games have console versions, and would love to see them on the big screen. There’s so much to enjoy about this, assuming that the Switch will succeed both Wii U and 3DS. There are a lot of questions as you say, particularly cost, battery life, and games. Though from that list of third-party supporters and footage of that hopefully new 3D Mario game, I’m sure there’ll be good games from the start. As far as the system is concerned, I’m a fan and can’t wait for March! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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