Nintendo Switch Lite – Releasing September 20th!

Just now, Nintendo has announced a handheld only version of their Nintendo Switch console.

The New Lite

The Nintendo Switch Lite, has several features removed from the original model. The controllers are not removable, and are without the IR motion camera and HD Rumble. This means that certain titles such as 1-2 Switch will require another set of Joy-Cons. That said, any Nintendo Switch game that can be played in handheld mode with work with this model. It also comes with a proper D-pad instead of the side facing buttons. There are currently three colour variations, grey, turquoise and yellow.  It will release on the 20th of September. It is slightly smaller, and the battery is said to last slightly longer. As the example is that the regular Switch would last three hours on Breath of the Wild and the Lite, four hours.

The American retail price is $199.

Compatibility and a Special Edition

You can find more about game compatibility here.

A couple of months after the Switch Lite’s release, there will be a Pokemon Sword and Shield Edition of the game. Which will be good news for young Pokefans. However it does not come with a copy of either game, and is the same price as the regular ones. So it will release before the new Pokemon games, this coming on the 8th of November.


I’m not much of a handheld user so I don’t have a need for it. It also shouldn’t upset to many recent adopters of the Switch as this doesn’t have the main premise of the Nintendo Switch and other features.  Since this has come so late, most people I know already have a Switch. I do really like the yellow coloured one. Hopefully it comes at a good price point, the Australian price should be around $329.95.

You can take a better look at it below.–E


  1. FINALLY! Now if Nintendo would just return Streetpass to their systems. Maybe I’ll call them up suggest it 😛

  2. I like it but likely won’t buy one. I’d love a version with a flip down cover to protect the screen, which would make it easier to stuff into your pocket. Also, there are some games now with text that can be hard to read in handheld mode (FE Warriors for one); shrinking the screen size will only exacerbate the problem.

    1. Good idea, a flip down screen would make it easier to take out and about.though mine is constantly with me in my bag during my commute, and it still looks very good.
      About the text size: it can indeed be a problem, even with reading glasses. But the option to double click the home button to zoom in does help when there’s a part I really can’t decipher!

  3. I think that they took away what the Switch was supposed to be. The whole hype around it was that it was a portable multiplayer co op console. In the video it doesn’t even show it being able to see your gameplay on the tv! It is basically a handheld Wii U controller console. And for only $100 less? I don’t think so. I wouldn’t get this.

    1. I do see your point. And if you are playing your Switch on a telly as the preferred way, then I’d indeed say that I wouldn’t go for this. If I had to buy a Switch for the first time now, I think I would seriously consider it as I never play on the telly at all. It’s always on the go with me!

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