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Ever since Ben joined our writer team, the level of tech-savviness of the writing team has gone up. Now, I myself am the sort of person that likes a good functioning gaming console. But if truth be told, I’m much more impressed by the colour of the console instead of the CPU, HDD or other technical specs. Still, it’s nice to read Ben’s ideas for the new Switch. He poured them in the form of a sales pitch; do they match up with your ideas for a new Switch?

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Improved Handheld Unit

Fans seem to agree a bigger screen would be a nice improvement

The new touchscreen unit boasts increased CPU, GPU and hybrid-HDD technology. Which means games look nicer, run faster and the console can handle more at once. Existing Switch games run smoother but newer games can capitalise on the improved specs.

On-board storage has rocketed from 32GB to 256GB allowing more games to be downloaded before having to expand onto additional Micro SD cards. Plus 4GB of SSD reserved for the Switch operating system ensures lighting fast operation and room for more features.

The screen is slightly larger too, though still as thin as the original.

A modest camera now sits atop the console and can be rotated inward and outward. Flash and dynamic range come as standard.

Bluetooth support has been expanded to allow adaptor-free headset connectivity.

The kickstand is now a larger U shape that distributes the screens weight more evenly in tabletop mode and can even be used to hook the console in certain places – do so with caution!

Joy-Con Plus

I envision a more ergonomically designed joy-con, but this is another cool mock-up

Both controllers now feature a small microphone and speaker to expand gaming possibilities. The sound quality however is only modest.

The directional buttons have been replaced by a flexpad asimilar to the Xbox Elite controller that will behave differently in-game based on whether requiring button input or navigational control.

The controllers are taller to match the new screen and thicker to improve player comfort.


On-board support for Bluetooth audio would rid users of the need of using the cumbersome app

Switch • Edge is compatible with the original Joy Cons and can be docked into the original dock – though will protrude a little due to the larger screen.

Joy-Con Plus are also reverse compatible though it’s audio additions and adaptive flexpad technology is limited.

The Switch • Edge dock is sold separately. It better houses the larger console but isn’t compatible with the original Switch. Featuring a logo LED on the front, that lights up when the console is docked. It also boasts 4 USB ports and supports wireless streaming to compatible displays.

Firmware Updates

Built-in audio and text messaging is now standard. You can migrate preferences from the app and access/toggle settings from the quick-menu. The console restricts communication to friends-only but software developers may set their own standard in-game (parental controls can disable that however of course).

Static and dynamic themes feature, including a notification bar that appears on the top portion of the screen while docked.

Folders and icon arrangement now come as standard. With different home screen display options also available.

You can access the camera via the Photo tab or by tapping/selecting its icon. Photos and video are then accessed from the Photo tab for editing and sharing to social media. You can double-tap the screenshot button twice during compatible play to take a gamer selfie.


  1. I don’t think it would be a wise idea to split the market by releasing a so called Switch Pro (or edge). It’s interesting that they tried something similar with the 3DS, but few publishers took advantage of the systems higher specs. I do wish Switch had Bluetooth support for a headset, and perhaps a revised version could be a little sleeker. The new design will probably receive security improvements to fix the current issues with the Nvidia chipset.

    1. You said exactly the things I also want for a new Switch design. I think Nintendo is planning to make two versions of the Switch. There has been rumor about Switch Mini. They say it’s going to be budget-friendly and more portable. Then, yes, I also heard about the so called Switch Pro. I think it’s the premium version.

      Anyway, the article also has a point with what the new version of the Nintendo Switch should definitely have. I hope the suggestions here would reach Nintendo. Thank you so much for sharing this!

  2. I’m not really a fan of new/ upgraded versions. It feels bit like punishing the real fan’s for buying the console immediately and rewarding people who wait.
    I know the Switch is not new new, but in my mind it’s a very new console. I wouldn’t be happy if it was already outdated.
    I bought the New Nintendo 3DS and was very sorry I did afterwards. The game I bought it for (xenoblade) was terrible on it!

  3. I agree in that personally I would prefer not to have another console on the market. If anything what I’m really hoping for is a more dramatic user interface change to give the player more to do with the current tech as the Switch is still a bit barebones with the menu system and app offerings

  4. I tend to agree with Ronja. It feels as if loyal fans who bought a console at release or shortly after, don’t matter. Remember the debacle with the first 3DS? I had bought it at the beginning paying a high price, only to have the price cut much lower within months. That didn’t feel good at all. For quite a while I felt I would never buy at release again.
    They should update things on the Switch, things that can be done by software updates. Like adding folders. But no new version.

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