No mobile at Nintendo Direct

Expectations are running high for the upcoming Nintendo Direct of September 13 (or September 14, depending on where you live). 45 minutes of Nintendo news about the Switch and the 3DS, for me it will be midnight before it’s aired. I don’t think I’ll wait up for this one though, a bit too late. If you want to watch it live, this is the timetable:

North America: 3pm PDT / 4pm MDT / 5pm CDT / 6pm EDT
UK/Ire: 11pm BST
Europe: 12am CEST / 1am EEST
Asia/Oceania: 7am JST / 6am AWST / 8am AEST

Even if I don’t want to wait up, doesn’t mean I’m not exited for what news they will bring us. A bit disappointed too, because they’ve already told us that there will be no mobile news at the Direct. You see, I watched the Apple Event last night. Hoping fervently that mister Myamoto would make an entree like he did last year. And this time it would be about Animal Crossing Mobile…Not so. After two hours I’d looked at all the hype around the new Apple devices, but no Nintendo. That’s why I had my hope pinned on this Direct.

So what news am I wishing for? See here my checklist.

Well, that’s not over-asking it, right? I don’t have to be able to check them all tomorrow, but please, don’t let it be a Direct that’s all about Mario. I mean, I know many of you love him and his games, but by now there are enough of his games on the system! And I’m seriously peeved at how little Nintendo is doing to make the Switch console appealing for people who are not into brawling, shooting or platforming games. In other words, can we please have some news about Animal Crossing?? It’s a game with a huge fanbase, so instead of giving more gaming fun to a Mario fanbase that already has more then enough to play, let’s give the Switch some good sim-gaming!


  1. I’m hoping for your list too!! I prefer story-rich games. I do like the other games, but they never hold my interest for very long. My interest in Splatoon has already died down after a week. I might trade it in for something else.

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