Nostalgic for Summer? Alola Outfits in Pokémon Go!

Alola Outfits Now Available in Pokemon Go!

To celebrate the upcoming new 3DS game Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, players on Pokémon Go will get a new outfit. Yes, I know winter is on our doorstep, but your trainer can sport the summer look again. The outfit is based on how the protagonist in Ultra Sun and Moon looks, in Alola fashion. Looks really tropical, I hope she won’t be cold!

Apart from the costumes, Lillie’s Pink Ribbon Bag will also be available. You will get the new outfits through an update to Pokémon Go that can be downloaded on November 17, 2017, the same date that the new mainline Pokemon games are released.

To stay in the mood, I’ll just say Mahalo!

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