Om Nom Run Review LadiesGamers

Om Nom: Run Review

Game: Om Nom: Run
Genre: Arcade, Action, Party, Multiplayer
System: Nintendo Switch (also available on iOS & Android)
Developer|Publisher: ZeptoLab UK | QubicGames
Age Rating: EU 3+ | US E
Price:  US $4.99 | UK £4.49 | EU € 4,99
Release Date: November 5th, 2021

Review code provided with many thanks to QubicGames

Om Nom: Run is a platformer party game that is goofy, colorful, and easy to pick up. It’s nice to find a title that has easy couch co-op for up to 8 players if you even have that many Joy-Cons!

Om Nom Run Review LadiesGamers
Collecting coins and tokens.

The Story and Gameplay

There isn’t a story in Om Nom: Run that I could find, but players are a little, round monster that has to dodge obstacles and jump over traps to earn as many coins as possible. This 3D runner moves with the critter running away from the camera, rather than the usual side-scrolling.

Om Nom Run Review LadiesGamers
He’s so cute!

As this was originally a mobile game, the controls are incredibly basic. Players can move left to right with either the D-pad or the stick, and also use the up and down directional buttons or stick to jump and slide on your back. There are little power-ups and vehicles along the way, but the little critters will use them automatically, without players needing to hit a button.

While these cute little trials start out pretty easy, the level of difficulty slowly climbs as players jump, slide, and ride through the 120 levels to the finish line. Each level has players collecting a different kind of thing, from letters to spell out words to coins or tokens.

Om Nom Run Review LadiesGamers
There are more than 120 levels!

The Pros of Om Nom: Run

If you are looking for a silly, Fall Guys kind of couch co-op type of game for a bunch of your friends, this game is a cheap night of easy-to-learn fun for everyone. There’s a lot about the multiplayer to like; the levels are short and sweet even if they aren’t very diverse. It’s easy to set up and easy to get going. The levels are short enough that if you have more players than you have Joy-Cons, people can switch out every level without getting too bored in between.

Om Nom Run Review LadiesGamers
Multiplayer fun.

This game was actually pretty fun single-player as well. It’s not breaking any new ground, but the game was a solid port with no major issues or bugs that I could find. The music is a little bland, but the colorful little green guys that you play as are absolutely adorable.

The Cons of Om Nom: Run

I wasn’t a huge fan of the D-pad or stick only for controls. I would much rather have a separate jump button, but as this originated on mobile, it must have been easier to program it with the directional stick and button instead of moving those things around.

Om Nom Run Review LadiesGamers
There’s a scooter you can ride.

The gameplay is pretty simple for a game, but it matches the price tag. It’s several hours of easy, mindless jumping fun for only $5; that’s a pretty good deal overall.

Om Nom Run Review LadiesGamers
You’ve won!


In short, this game was fun. I enjoyed playing it, and I want to try it out with some friends too. I think it’s worth a playthrough if you like runner platformers with goofy characters.

Final Verdict: I Like it
I like it

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