1 Hour, 1 Life. So much to do, so little time

A game in mobile that was released last February came to my attention. 1 Hour 1 Life is a civilization building game, that lets the player contribute to the history of that society. It’s based on the desktop game created by Jason Rohrer. And what intrigues me is that you build the civilization from scratch with other players.

This description is on the website:

“Time in this game is infinite, and as even these virtual creatures can only do so much in a lifetime, you can only contribute a small part. Your life from birth to death lasts for at most 60 minutes of play time, but what you build remains after you die and will be used by your children and grand children for many generations after you are gone. You have to spend your time as wisely as possible: growing food, avoiding dangerous animals and advancing in the enormous tech tree.

Your mother and your children (and their children…) are all played by other players and your goal is to keep your family alive and prosperous, so it will remain in the world for as many generations as possible. Protect, feed and teach your children, and give them as many technological advantages you can! Collaborate with the other players, or you will all perish in short order.”

I will be giving this game a try, I’m very curious by the graphics and the idea behind it. Look forward to my review!


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