Ooblets Beginners Guide

After reviewing Ooblets  ( find my review here) I couldn’t resist making a beginners guide for LadiesGamers. Every farming/crafting simulation game has it’s own ways of tending crops, storing all the items you can use and working with the in-game currency. This guide might help you get familiar with all there is to do in Ooblets.

General Information

Energy management

As in every farming/crafting/questing sim, your energy bar will decide at the end of the day how much work you can get done. The top purple bar shows how much energy you have left. You can replenish it by drinking beanjuice (the local coffee), eating certain foods that you make or find, or by sleeping. When you are on your last leg it’ll show a little blue number of how much energy left above the bar.

Ooblets LadiesGamers Guide
Energy bar on the top right

You’ll notice that when you sleep during the day, you don’t wake up the following morning. My little YvoCaro took a lot of energy naps, to wake up a short time later with some energy restored. When you go to sleep in the evening, the game will ask you if you want to sleep till morning.

Eating something had me baffled for a while. This is how you do it (in the Switch version): go to your Stuff in the Grumboire and scroll to one of the edible items. While on the item, you see the options Move, Options and Move Half. Use Y for Options and you can now Consume the item (or delete or drop it).

Ooblets LadiesGamers Guide
Press Y while you hover over an item you want to eat and choose Consume

Important Materials at First

  • You will find an Obsidian in the park near the fountain. Keep it, don’t sell. The first tasks all require Obsidian. The game will slowly let you find obsidian, so be on the lookout, you may find one in the days to come.
Obsidian, a much-needed material
  • Try to find all the Clothlets that you can forage, and sow them from seed bought at Meed’s Seeds (to the left as you enter town from the farm, first building next to the map of town). You need many of them in your tasks.
  • The houses of the inhabitants of Badgetown merit a bit of searching. There are items to be found there, you will see it by the twinkling of certain pieces of furniture etc. Just check it out with A.
  • You will find different kinds of shells on the beach. At first, they are a good source of income, you can sell them at Meed’s Seeds. Some will be asked to supply in tasks as well.
Ooblets LadiesGamers Guide
You can buy chests to store your materials at Manatwee
  • Storage is always an issue in these kinds of games. As soon as you can, buy the Common Treasure Chest at Manatwee, the furniture store. It’s 100 gummies, so that’s okay. Has much more storage than the one suitcase that you came with.
    The clothing store Kibbonbon sells a fanny pack adding 5 slots for 250 gummies in your bag. Try to buy it as soon as you can.
  • If you are into furnishing your house, you can upgrade your house at Manatwee, the furniture store. It’s costly though, from 2,000 gummies.
Ooblets LadiesGamers Guide
Upgrading your farmhouse in Manatwee

Dance battles

Ooblets is what it’s all about of course, and you get more Ooblets by having dance battles. Your first Ooblet will be the one you choose from the leader. The second one is the Lumpstump you battle for the first time, and the third is the Clickyclaw that you defeat in a dance battle in the town hall. Of course, you don’t acquire that same Ooblet: you get their seed and you have to sow it. After they are harvested, they will follow you around everywhere in a long happy line.

Every day, when you wake up, a list is shown of the Ooblets that can be seen in town. But you can’t just engage them in dance just like that: there’s an entrance fee of sorts that varies with each Ooblet kind.

Ooblets LadiesGamers Guide
Interesting looking Oobz to find today

Note that Ooblets can have a common form, an uncommon form and a gleamy form. Your Almanac in the Grumboire shows which ones you’ve already collected. It also shows on the top which materials you have to possess to be able to battle that Ooblet.

Ooblets LadiesGamers Guide
The Almanac with a different kinds of Oobz

As you progress you will get accessories that you can put on your Ooblet. Go to the Ooblets page in your Grumboire, and scroll over the Ooblet you want to adorn. Press A for manage, then choose Accessories and you’ll automatically see which ones you have at hand. I haven’t found any extra effects when using them, it seems to be just for fun.

Ooblets LadiesGamers Guide
Adorn your Ooblets with accessories

Scrolling down, you can also check the special moves your Ooblet has acquired.

Ooblets LadiesGamers Guide
Check the special moves an Ooblet has.

Dance Battles

Though the dance battles start out easy, they get more difficult as you level up. After the dance starts, you take turns in selecting dance moves to perform. You get a random selection of cards at every turn, some basic moves and each Ooblet has its own unique moves. If they build enough experience, they can learn new moves as well. Moves cost beats and when they are depleted, your turn ends.

Your goal is of course to reach a number of points, and the random cards you get have different effects. There are some that raise your score, you can have a card that steals points from your opponent. You can have a card that adds beats, which means you can play more cards. When the battles get more difficult, Hype and Fluster is what ultimately will determine if you win or not.

Hype is a buff that will raise all your Ooblets’ cards effects by +1, meaning it will add an extra point for every dance move earned, add another turn to stun durations and get more points from stealing. It’s a very useful buff to have, so use it at the start of a battle. Fluster, alternatively, lowers every card with -1. If you have enough Fluster against you, it’s getting difficult to earn points.

Ooblets LadiesGamers

So, start out paying attention to getting Hype and avoiding or getting rid of Fluster. Go for cards that add as high an amount of points as you can, and wait to steal points until, of course, they have gathered points. If you’re farther in the game, see if any of your Ooblets has the special move to remove status effects.

Farming/Crafting and Cooking in Ooblets


To work in your field, you have to go into Farming Mode by pressing ZL. You’ll see a grid pattern appear around you during which you can do actions, like tilling the soil, picking weeds, breaking rocks, cutting wood and more. All you do requires energy, which is depicted below the action. Watering a tile costs 1 energy, and breaking rock or snapping wood costs 6 energy.

Ooblets LadiesGamers
You’ve got your work cut out for you!

You can only use the things you have in your quick access bar. While working the field, it’s no problem to move items in your pockets over to this quick access bar, however. Just press X to access your Grumboire, no need to go out of Farming Mode.

At times, you see reddish swirls on one of your tiles where your crops are sown. This means there’s a weed in your crop. The longer it takes for you to pull it out, the more of a setback your crop will have in growing.

Ooblets LadiesGamers Guide
Basic sprinkler

Watering your crops is always a pain, as it costs so much time and energy. I always try to find a way to automate it as soon as possible. At first, I found the recipe for Basic Sprinkler that I could make. Looks like a kids’ water gun, but it only waters 3 squares (looks good doing it though!). Next try was the Medium sprinkler, which waters 3×3 tiles and so on.

Ooblets LadiesGamers
Nice, like Alice in Wonderland in the Oobcoop

Another option is the Oobcoop. In it, you can put one (or more, depending on the level of the coop) Ooblet in there, and it will help in maintaining your farm and speeding up your crops. But it only does that to tiles that touch the coop.

Ooblets LadiesGamers
Crops that are ready to be harvested twinkle.

When the crop is ready you will see twinkles above it, ready for you to harvest it in Farming Mode.

You can influence the speed of the crop growth, or the amount of watering it needs. By using materials like Speedy Grow (the crop takes 1 day less to grow), Speedy Grow Pro (3 days shorter) and Stay Soggy in various levels.

Using the Fabricuter

Another important item in Manatwee is the Fabricuter. Here, you can craft items from blueprints.

Ooblets LadiesGamers
The Fabricuter, with the first recipes

From the start, you have blueprints for Wooden Path, an Oobscoop and a Crunchster:

  • Wooden Path: makes tiles to put down on your farmland, as they help prevent weeds from spreading and speed up your walk on the farm. Need 2 planklet per tile
  • Oobscoop level 1: it’s a place where Ooblets can hang out and they can help to maintain your farm. They will perform tasks and speed up the growth of your crops. Need 3 Clothlet, 15 Nurny, 10 Planklet and 1 Obsidian.
  • Crunchster: Turns scores into their powdered form, and needs an Ooblet to operate. Need 10 Nurny , 20 Planklet and 1 Obsidian.

No need to make a Crunshter, you will soon get one in the mail from Sprin. Plus, you get 15 wood tiles from Thistle in the mail on the same day.

Cooking on your Stove

There’s a little cooking station in your house to cook the recipes you’ve found with. There are four recipes included from the start:

  • Oodles, contains 30 energy: need 2 Buttonboy, 1 Boregus and 1 Muz
  • Quib Tart, contains 30 energy: need 1 Froobtose, 2 Quib
  • Hop Dob, contains 25 energy: need 1 Caroot, 1 Muz Flour
  • Hop Hop Hop Dob, contains 25 energy: need 1 Spicyspear, 1 Muz Flour.
Ooblets LadiesGamers Guide
Including your chests when cooking

Things that are in your suitcase or chest aren’t selected automatically, you have to tick the checkbox at the top left for it to do that. Of course, you want that, saves you a lot of going back and forth! (I checked, unfortunately, you can’t do this in the Fabricuter…)

Ooblets LadiesGamers Guide
Assemble recipe pieces in your inventory

All over town, you will occasionally find recipe pieces. As soon as you have four of them, you can combine them into one recipe. Make sure they are all in your inventory, hover over the item and combine them with Y and choose Assemble. Nice, a new dish to make!

Ooblets LadiesGamers Guide
Combining pieces for a new recipe


Your first task is to free the town hall from the Clickyclaw that nestled itself thereby challenging in a dance battle. After that, your first tasks kick-off:

  • To renovate your farm: you need 12 Planklets, 8 Nurnies and 5 Clothlets. The Planklets and the Nurnies can easily be obtained by clearing some of your land, as breaking rocks and snapping branches gives you those. The Clothlets are more of a bottleneck. For this first task though, I have found five spread in town. Best get as many Clothlet seeds as you can afford and sow them right away, because you’ll need more for other tasks.
All that is needed for the Farmhouse repair kit
  • Help Rugnolia start her Ooblet Reseach project. She is found in the caravan on the upper right side of Badgetown. For every new and unique Ooblet you bring her to scan, she’ll give you 50 gummies. If you let her scan gleamy variants you’ll get more gummies. After an Ooblet is scanned you can have them turn it into a printed 3D figurine. The printer is next to the scanner. The figurines in turn can be displayed in the townhall.
  • Put the trashcans you find around in the Reconstooter to make bait. You will find the first heap to the side of the town hall. Just keep clicking A until they are all picked up and head to the reconstotor near the beach. If you put 10 cans in it will make 1 bait to fish (it’s called dangle) in the sea from the pier. Fishing is very straightforward, no need to watch anything, what you’ve caught will come up instantly.

These are the first of many tasks in Ooblets. Most tasks have to do with enhancing the game. Next on the list will be to Revitalise the Wildlands (put your Lumpstump in the Wildlands), Fix the Friendship Sticker Printypress in Arah’s house (need 6 Sport, 10 Nurny and 1 Sweetiebeetie) and increase exports by fulfilling 3 Plenny’s Orders. Plenny’s Bulk Order Office is found next to Meed’s Seeds. You can accept bulk orders from Plenny and get paid with gummies.

Ooblets LadiesGamers Guide
Leveling up the Wildlands

The Wildlands can be used to store Ooblets that you don’t currently need, as you can retrieve them whenever you want. To get it levelled up asap you should try to fulfil the task on the board. But if you find that you can’t deliver, just click Abandon, to get a new task the next day. If it asks to add an Ooblet of a certain level or sort, you can just add it at the board, click Done, and retrieve it again at the board.


Aside from tasks, you also have to fulfil wishies. You get daily goals you can complete, you earn badges for all manner of milestones. Doing the tasks the mayor gives you gets you wishies too and finally, winning dance battles as well.

How to spend your wishies

Wishies can be spent in the Wishiewell in town, the fountain in the middle of the plaza. But you can access it as well in your Grumboire. Go to the Stuff page in your Grumboire, click to the left and you see the topmost icon that is for the Wishiewell. Wishies are very welcome, as you can use them to buy things. Can be crops, special stones but also blueprints. With levelling up, you get more options to spend the Wishies on.

Wishies might sound like something fun and extra, but essentially they may be even more important than the Gummies are. There are very useful blueprints to buy in there, recipes and you can even expand your maximum energy or get a faster run speed.


I know you are already pressed for time with managing your farm and your ooblets, but you also have to pay attention to the characters in town. Talk to them daily…a good tip is to run over to the town hall first thing in the morning, as all shop owners are in the main street in front of their stores. Easy to talk to all of them without having to go into every store.

The first task list includes repairing Friendship Sticker Printypress in Arah’s house. When this is done, you get stickers when the friendship level with someone reaches a certain level. This is useful as your friends will also give you gifts in the form of Ooblets accessories, gummies, and other helpful items.

Getting those levels up is easier as soon as you unlock the Hankerbot. As soon as that’s set up, you get a suggestion in your mailbox daily for a gift for one of your friends.

Ooblets LadiesGamers Guide
Suggestion by the Hankerbot





  1. Hey Yvonne! I’m loving this game, best thing for me since Stardew Valley 🙂

    I play on Switch and managed to replace my cot with a bed, but can’t remember how I did it. Now I want to put placed furniture back into inventory and I’m stuck. Do you remember how to do this? Thanks in advance.

    1. Aaaahh… I just found the “edit decor” button and solved my own problem. Posting in case anyone else is stuck 🙂

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