Oops, I Said Yes?! Review

Game: Oops, I Said Yes?!
Genre: Visual Novel, Otome
System: Nintendo Switch ( also available on Steam)
Developers | Publishers: Voltage | UNICO INC.
Age Rating: EU 16+ | US Mature
Price: UK £24.99 | EU €29,99 | US $29.99
Release Date: January 25th, 2024

Review code used, with many thanks to Voltage Inc.

This is the first time that I have played a game from Voltage. However, when I looked into Voltage Inc., I found that they create a lot of visual novel apps for the IOS and Android devices. Apparently, Oops, I said yes?! is a mobile game title that has been ported to the Nintendo Switch. So, previously, the game could be found on the Love 365 – Find Your Story app in your app store. Voltage Inc owns this app, and there are loads of visual novels on this app to choose from.

The romance story Oops, I said yes?! is about our main character (MC) who is overall satisfied with her life. She has a job that she loves and hobbies to do when at home. Nothing is missing in her life, well, except for everyone pressuring her to step into matrimony. When attending an office party and getting bothered about the subject of marriage yet again, the protagonist gets drunk and ends up marrying a certain someone. Together, they have to figure out how to make this sham marriage work so that their coworkers don’t find out it’s fake. As they navigate this marriage of convenience, the chance of it turning into a love match is inevitably high…

The Husbands

As far as I could tell, there is no route order. Oops, I said yes?! doesn’t have a deep underlying storyline to it, so therefore the character order is not of any importance. I did save Kunihiro Kasai’s route for last, just because it seemed he was the actual “ending” for the MC to me.

Kunihiro Kasai

Age: 36

Occupation: Managing Director

Kunihiro is the Managing Director of the Planning Department that everyone works at and the last Love Interest I conquered, so to speak. When we meet him at first he is super suave, he will always help anyone out and is dedicated to assisting his team in any way that he can. He is amazing at using his words to win people over; you could say that this is his special skill. Of course, he is the one that every lady in the office would want to marry. He has the status, the job and the money that would make anyone happy to be by his side. Once you marry Kunihoro, though, you will quickly see that his personality is not what anyone would expect.

Right away, upon starting the game, I knew that this was the character the MC was supposed to be with. When the protagonist talks about marrying by name only and lists the rules she would enforce, this is the marriage she is talking about. Right away, both Kunihiro and the MC fell into a comfortable living situation without many questions asked, and honestly, it was a breath of fresh air. Because all the other routes didn’t start so great.

Kunihiro doesn’t really have fun hobbies to note because, in my eyes, he is a true workaholic, which works nicely with the protagonist. After all, she loves her job as well. This is something that they bond over at the beginning. I loved Kunihiro’s route, and I think together with Ukyo’s route, these two were my favorites.

A profile picture in Oops, I said yes?! of Kunihiro Kasai
The managing director of the planning department

Kuranosuke Kiba

Age: 34

Occupation: Head of Production

He is the MC’s supervisor, if you will. Kuranosuke comes off as cold and can be blunt sometimes, but he is a big softy and can act like a mother hen. His reasoning for marriage puts him and the MC in the same spot, with them both feeling marriage pressure from their families. They are both tired of being judged because they aren’t married and decide to stay with each other. When the protagonist starts living with Kuranosuke, they agree upon some house rules. But this list of house rules is much longer than she anticipated. She will even be fined if she doesn’t adhere to his rules. No surprise, Kuranosuke is a clean freak. Not only does he expect everyone’s desks at the office to be tidy, but everything in his house has to be spotless.

At home Kuranosuke is not much different, he cooks himself, cleans and even grows vegetables in his garden. One of his hobbies is saving money and looking for the best ways to do that, however strange that may sound. He is more like a country/farm guy. I like that he is different in that way.

This character in Oops, I said yes?! has the tsundere vibe going on but does love to tease the MC from time to time with nicknames and other jokes. As mentioned, he comes off as cold and won’t show his emotions very easily to others. Also, the way he expresses his love is different. He will push people to be their best in his way.

A profile picture in Oops, I said yes?! , he's the Head of Production
The tough Head of production

Shu Hasunuma

Age: 29

Occupation: Sales department employee

Shu is introduced to us as a sales employee who comes to the MC‘s rescue in a proposal presentation. He is well beloved at the office and has a dazzling smile called the ‘Numa smile’. By his coworkers, he is even referred to as the “Golden Boy”. He presents himself as the typical nice guy who will help you out with anything and everything, but once married to him, the MC finds herself in a confusing situation as Shu is not all that he appears to be.

Shu loves his off time and values it greatly; this is something that he and the MC bond over at the start of the game. The thing he loves to do on his off time is gaming; he even names himself an otaku (someone who is consumed by their interests, in this case, with games). Around his living room, we can see Nintendo Switch controllers, Xbox controllers and a gaming computer set up. He is secretly a bit of a nerd at heart, even making references to games he likes while talking to the MC. I enjoyed this route because of all the gaming references Shu and the MC were making. And I am just a sucker for an enemies-to-lovers trope.

A profile picture in Oops, I said yes?! of She Hasunuma, from the Sales department
The Golden Boy in the Sales Department

Eiji Takao

Age: 30

Occupation: Marketer

Eiji has the nickname Mr. Cinderella. Not because of his home life or because he has glass shoes but because he always goes home immediately after 6 pm. Aka, he never works overtime. He can leave on time every day due to his amazing management skills and works very hard to finish all of his work on time. Eiji thoroughly enjoys engaging in quantitative research both in his professional role and during his off-time. Whether he’s involved in a work-related task or pursuing a hobby, he consistently applies analytical skills to assess places and activities.

Due to his at-home circumstances, he spends a lot of time at home, trying to be the perfect ‘house husband’. His goal is to take care of two of the most important people in his life and to make them happy. Whenever he is not partaking in house chores, he is fully engaged in solving his Rubik’s cube. He is so invested in this, that it takes pinching his ears to get his attention.

My main thoughts on Eiji are that he is just adorable and would make the perfect husband and father. He tries so hard to be the best in his work and at home, and when his past is revealed, I only admire him more.

A profile picture in Oops, I said yes?! of Eiji Takao from marketing
The quantitive research-loving Marketer

Ukyo Senkawa

Age: 38

Occupation: World-famous Interior Designer

The world-famous designer and the most eligible bachelor. He is also well known for being against marriage, and it is suspected he has no shortage of women who throw themselves at his feet. In the beginning, it’s pretty unclear why he has signed a marriage contract with the MC; he says it is to experience everything marriage has to offer.

Ukyo very much seems to be a player and is also very good at manipulating people to do what he wants (not in a bad way). He makes fast decisions and expects the MC to follow them. It makes playing his route quite the roller-coaster. Something that pairs with his decisive nature is his trying to rile up the MC; I think this might be one of his favourite pastimes. When living together with the MC, he is the cook of the house, and he is very good at it, with the protagonist even mentioning he would be a better chef than some of the other top chefs out there. Whenever they have time on their hands, they love to play board games together. Ukyo has loads of different board games at home that he has collected over the years.

Ukyo’s route was one of my favourites. I love a good womanizer character who actually has some sort of banter with the MC and ends up falling for her, even though that was not what he expected.

A profile picture in Oops, I said yes?! of Ukyo Senkawa
The World-Famous Interior Decorator


I would say the visuals overall were fine, especially if they are ported from a mobile version. But the backgrounds in the game were pretty blurry. It didn’t bother me a whole lot, but I do want to note it. The CGs (Computer Graphics) were good, the scenes really portrayed the emotions of the scenes well and each time I looked forward to them. But I was hoping to see more CGs than we got.


The Love Meter

Like with all other Otome games, you get one choice in each chapter. This choice will determine which way the love meter will go. The way the meter goes will also determine if you get the Infatuated (good) or the Wanton (bad) ending. This meter can go up, stay in the same spot or go down one peg. The payoff for your decisions will only be visible at the start of a new chapter. So, if you are not following a guide, make sure to be safe at every choice so you can go back if necessary.

The screen showing the Love Meter
The Love Meter

The Chapters

There are five Love Interests in total in Oops, I said yes?!, and they each have eight stories. Within these stories, multiple chapters vary between 8 and 14 chapters. So, in short, a lot of content to play. You start with a general Prologue that, of course, starts the story, then the stories will be as follows: Main Chapter Part 1, Main Chapter Part 2, His PoV, Epilogue, Season 2 Main Story Part 1, Season 2 Main Story Part 2, His PoV and Epilogue. Of course, this comes directly from the Love 365 app, so that’s why there are so many chapters.

Overall Thoughts for Oops, I said yes?!

Going into Oops, I said yes?!, it is very different from other Otome games I have played. Aksys and Idea Factory are game companies that market towards Nintendo Switch and Steam games. Voltage, on the other hand, is more marketed towards visual novels on mobile. I think it is a good call from Voltage Inc. to turn some of their beloved visual novels from the app into an actual game for Switch and Steam. This will hopefully make a wider audience aware of Voltage and all the visual novels it offers.

What I like about Oops, I said yes?! being a simpler format is that it’s easy to play and get into. I just wanted to see the MC get together with her love interest and, in turn, see them overcome the hurdles of an “everyday” couple. Playing the game felt like watching a cute romance anime, one of my favourite pastimes. They slowly fall in love, and in the end, there isn’t a huge conflict they have to solve. And I am happy that they can just live in bliss.

We see the menu of all the stories that you can play, with a little summary of the one that's highlighted
A sneak peek at all the playable stories


I liked all the Love Interests in this game. There wasn’t one right off the bat that I was less excited about playing. I think every character had something in their route that I could relate to or feel for. And I mean, they are all hot guys who I would happily date.


In terms of game time, Oops, I said yes?! was longer than I initially thought. I think it took me a good few hours to complete one whole character. Each character has 12 parts that can be played. The price for this game is really worth it in terms of talking content alone.

The characters had a lot of variety and had some personalities that I had not seen before in other Otome games, I even had some characters I could actually relate to. I do think that the mobile Otome games focus more on stories that represent the “modern relationship”, and that’s why I could relate more.


I liked Oops, I said yes?! and would recommend it to anyone who wants to play a cosy Otome game with a lot of fluff. I would also encourage any Switch Otome gamer to try something new and maybe be surprised at all the different Otome games out there. And (I know a lot of ‘ands’) if you have the Love 365 app but don’t want to spend money on every single part of the story, this would be a good alternative if you have a Nintendo Switch. Overall I think a large group of people will enjoy this title.

Final verdict: I Like it a Lot

I like it a lot

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