ORAS, which starter PK do you choose?

I couldn’t resist it, I downloaded Pokemon Omega Ruby today! Took a long time in downloading too, a large file I guess. I was pleasantly surprised to see that I could play the game as a girl, having seen the demo I was afraid they didn’t add that choice to the game. But they did, and my little YvoCaro has taken up a life of catching them all. Always surprises me how easily her mother let her go, she just said to take care and that I could always come home to rest if I wanted too. Really !?!

By the way, for those of you with a Japanese 3DS: this is one of the few games that has an English language option! The intro to the game was very nice, loved what they had made of it. Here’s a clip:

I went for my usual choice for a starter Pokemon, almost in all Pokémon games I played I started with the fire Pokémon, so this time I chose Torchic. I was wondering though, which is chose most? Is it the fire, the water or the grass Pokémon?

So go ahead, and make your choice!


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