Organizational tasks wanted

Organizing my own fridge and cupboard is no fun. Cleaning it, making sure that the right things are in it to have a good stock is important, but I never seem to get around it. Still, I was very diligent yesterday. Making categories, the first was several rows of gems and minerals, then rows of stuff that the monsters had dropped. Then all the colored grasses, making sure I have plenty of stock. Although the white grass category only has one in it, as it’s much more rare. Equipment and accessories are next, and then several kinds of seeds. Took me over an hour to just get the toolbox done. You’ve guessed it right, I’m talking about organizing things in my games.

Rune Factory

If there’s something I’ve learned in the Harvest Moon and Rune Factory games, then it’s that you have to hoard as much as you can. No matter that it means that you are seriously short on in-game money in the beginning, you must make sure that you save as much as you can. Because you never know when you need a certain item to make a dish or a recipe.  Generally I’m satisfied that I have enough by the time that I have 3 slots filled with 9 items of the same, so 3×9 iron, or for each colored grass. Somehow it gives me such a happy feeling doing that, maybe because it feels so rich to hoard all this stuff.Animal crossing, new leaf,

Weird huh? I always love it when a game has a good stock system in place. Animal Crossings cupboard are spacious, but never spacious enough. HayDay and Paradise Bay in app gaming are seriously annoying that way, because they limit your space in hopes of getting you to by the in-game currency to enlarge the space. Other games like Pokemon seem to have unlimited space to collect things, your bag is never full. Nice, or so you would think. But it does rob me of the nice task of organizing everything!


  1. You are more diligent than me. I just go with whatever the x button auto-sort does. Pokemon bags that have infinite storage remind me of the old point & click games. The stars of those titles could carry everything in their pockets.

    1. Yeah know, I was always intrigued by Hermionies little frilly bag in the Harry Potter movies. She could pack absolutely everything in it without needing a lorry to carry it!

  2. Oh gosh, that screenshot from Animal Crossing made me want to pick it right back up to see how my town is doing!

    Also, I actually enjoy organizing real life things like the refrigerator and cupboards. I like to even re-organize.

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