Overall leader board Gaming Ladies Quiz

Every time a new part of the Gaming Ladies Quiz is published on here, the leader board on the site changes to the results of the new Quiz. A couple of weeks ago I promised to make a list of the scores you have all reached for the quizzes up till now. Quite a chore, but here’s the entire list of people that participated.

Most people didn’t do all three quizzes, which is a distinct disadvantage of course if you want a shot at the leader board. As it is now, these are the readers that did all three and their scores:

totals quiz

In this link underneath “Overall leader board The Gaming Ladies Quiz” you will find your name if you’ve participated in one of the three quizzes. Some people entered usernames that are clearly aimed to annoy, I didn’t add them to the list. I understand you don’t want to leave your real name, but come on…being civil goes a long way. If you’ve used different names for every quiz just let me know and I’ll correct it. And if you still want to do the other parts you didn’t take before, you can click on the header of each column in the spreadsheet, it will take you there!

Overall leader board The Gaming Ladies Quiz

Did you like these quizzes about handheld gaming? And would you like to see more of them? Let me know, and I’ll get to work! Just to be complete, here are the three quizzes, clicking the images will get you to the right page.

Thanks for playing!

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Quiz, Ladies gaming Quiz,2

Quiz, Ladies gaming Quiz,3







  1. Those quizzes were really fun! Thank you for making them. They were definately harder than I thought, since some of the games on there were games I’ve personally never played!

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