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Package Rush Review

Game: Package Rush
Genre: Puzzle, Simulation, Strategy, Racing
System: Nintendo Switch (also on Steam, Windows)
Developers | Publishers: Campfire Studios | RedDeerGames
Age Rating: US | EU 3+
Price: US $14.99 | UK £13.49 | EU € 14,99
Release Date: March 10th, 2023

Review code used, with many thanks to RedDeer Games.

Package Rush is a strategy puzzle game initially released on Steam for PC last year. Now the game has been ported to the Nintendo Switch.

Deliver Packages

Package Rush LadiesGamers
Nice simple level to start the game

In Package Rush, you have the vital task of delivering packages to impatient customers around town. When the game begins, you view a little tutorial of what is required of you to succeed.

At each level, you are presented with a city layout and one delivery van. Your task is to draw a route along the road for the van to fetch the packages from the warehouse and then deliver them around the city to the buildings with a package icon above them.

Not as Easy as it Looks

Package Rush LadiesGamers
Draw a route for the delivery vans to take.

Of course, being a puzzle game, it’s not just as easy as drawing a delivery route. For one, the deliveries are timed, and many impatient folk are waiting on their packages, so they must arrive on time; otherwise, you fail the level.

You also have to be on the lookout for accident spots on the road because it will slow down if your delivery van if it hits an accident spot. In addition, the route you draw out for the delivery van to drive must not cross over itself, so a little strategic thinking is required.

The City Grows

Package Rush LadiesGamers
The game starts with small-sized cities, but they soon get much larger

The city grows as you complete each level and move on to the next. So you start the game with small-scale cities to deliver parcels in, and then they get larger and involve more delivery vans that need more routes as the city grows. It can get tricky managing all the deliveries at once.

Upgrade Cards

Package Rush LadiesGamers
Pick a card

During each level, three upgrade cards appear on the screen. Each upgrade has its unique effect and rarity. You can choose one upgrade card and decide whether to use it now or save it for later stages.

Furthermore, using the cards can significantly impact the gameplay if used wisely. Cards such as Car Acceleration doubles the speed of the delivery vans, or Additional route, which does exactly what the card says and gives you an extra delivery route to draw out.

Using the cards is a doddle; they are stored in the bottom left side of the screen, and you drop and drag a card onto the city to use it. Having the upgrades to help you succeed in the game is fun, and it also adds a little more strategy to the game as you choose when to use them.

Different Gameplay Modes

Package Rush LadiesGamers
choose a mode to play.

There are also different gameplay modes to try out. Classic mode is scored and has you gradually move from city to city; in Snake mode, the delivery routes must not intersect on the road. Whereas Rush mode starts in a large city without upgrades or the ability to pause the game, this mode is challenging. Finally, there is Custom mode, where you can tailor the game settings to your liking.

Visuals and Controls

Package Rush LadiesGamers
Postman pat is on his deliveries.

The graphics are bright and colourful; however, the music gets monotonous quickly as it’s on repeat, so you hear the same music once too often. Luckily there is the volume control which I turned off.

You can control the game on the Switch by using either the joy-cons or the touchscreen. While they both work equally well, I preferred the touchscreen after trying both methods.

Package Rush LadiesGamers
Collect the packages from the warehouse.


Package Rush is an enjoyable puzzle game; however, it has mostly identical gameplay throughout, with only a slight variation between all modes.

While I like the game, I am left wondering why it has a price point of £4.29 on Steam and on the Nintendo Switch; it is priced at £13.49. That’s a massive price difference. Nevertheless, Package Rush is a nice time waster. Though I know what system I would buy the game for is the one where I could pay the lowest price!

Final Verdict: I Like it   I like it

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