Animal Crossing New Horizons

Paige’s New Horizons Hopes and Fears

Since the latest Animal Crossing Direct we’ve all been doing some hard thinking about the upcoming game. I’ve got quite a few hopes and just a few problems from what I’ve seen.


Something that hasn’t been shown yet, is if there are going to be any mini-games. Like New Leaf has the Tortimer island games. I just want there’s something to do with friends other than trading and photo-taking.

I believe the Direct mentioned that the resident services are going to be open for twenty four hours a day, which is good. Since you’re not the mayor something like ordinances might not happen. A lot of people have night jobs and should be able to do the normal things in Animal Crossing without messing up their Switch clock.

Since they’ve announced amiibo functionality I really hope they re-release amiibo cards. Most are exorbitantly expensive and since this announcement, prices certainly won’t go down! Though I found them to be overpriced at retail. So far only Animal Crossing amiibo are shown to work, but in New Leaf certain others could be as well. With a bunch of Zelda themed villagers like Medli, or even a Felyne from Monster Hunter. Those are some of my favourite villagers and I’d love to see them again.

A lot of games have exclusive features that never return. Two I’d love to see come back are the flower festival (some people get real serious about their flowers!) and constellation making. It helps add an extra flair to the town and changes over the month.


Animal Crossing New Horizons

One of the things that concerns me is holiday events being only added in later as updates. Not everyone has a lot of internet access so some might even miss out on the whole experience!

Definitely the worst offender is the current save data situation. Hopefully the negative feedback will get fixed. Splatoon 2 has a similar situation and having lost my save data twice I don’t play it anymore.

Island Plans

Animal Crossing New Horizons

I have an idea for what to name my island but that depends on the character limit. As the region I live in, Sunraysia, goes past the usual eight spaces. My latest New Leaf town name is Cider so perhaps I can fall back on that.

Since we’ll eventually be able to terraform and move buildings where we please, many have ideas brewing in their minds. For me I’ll probably make a CBD (central business district) to save on having to run around everywhere. Perhaps put it near the airport and beach for extra convenience. While it happened mostly naturally in my New Leaf save I found having the villagers homes together to be nice and save a lot of space. So a little island suburbia will be in the works at some point. As for myself, perhaps I shall create a lavish estate with a long entrance lined by trees and aquascaping.

How about you?


  1. I’m thrilled that we have less than a month to go! I like the terraforming aspect, and the control over where buildings are placed/moved to. One thing that has my curiosity is flying to different “special” islands to collect items that might not be available on our island.

    The biggest thing for me? Being able to play it on the tv, so I don’t have to wear my glasses like I do on the 3ds!

    1. Yeah, it’s getting close real quick now right? It’ll be good to start a new virtual life again. I like the terraforming aspect and the crafting. It may be hard to believe though, but I don’t delve deep yet in what’s gonna be in the game. I did look at the Direct of course, but I want to experience the element of surprise too!

  2. I’m not sure how I feel about the holidays being patched in, either. Seems like a big oversight… why aren’t the holidays just in the game anyway? I can understand if they add new items every so often, but it seems weird to have to connect to the internet to play part of the game… I guess we won’t know for sure until the game comes out!

  3. Another thing I forgot about until I read gameplay impressions over at Kotaku – Blather’s Museum! I really enjoyed completing collections at the museum, and the museum in New Horizons looks incredible! Can’t wait to start filling up the aquariums!

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